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Baidya caste is a unique brahmin cast.during the vedic period we were pure brahmin.called as swaraswat brahmin. By the ballan sen we were called vaidya and so far we called.all the traditions of brahmin and baidya are same.none can marry without upanayan.(poita)

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Q: Can anybody tell about the ancestral tree of Sen or Sengupta Baidya Caste?
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Is dasgupta a schedule caste in Bengali?

No, Dasgupta is not a scheduled caste in Bengali. It is called 'Baidya' caste (Baidya means Physician). Baidyas are Brahmins, but they were not allowed to do priestly works since they used treat all kind of people. Hence they were branched as sub castes of Brahmin.

Can a Baidya Boy marry a Burman Girl?

Anyone can marriage in any caste or religion. In India, inter caste marriages are legal.

Is Baidya surname in bengali belong to shedule caste?

No. This belongs to the caste which is below brahmins but above kayastas. However the are most likely brahmins.

Is choudhury in bengali caste falls under other backward class?

No..It's a high class. Falls under Baidya/Vaidya (medicine) class. Not all Baidyas are medicinal practitioners but definitely a higher class, also considered to be a sub-class of Brahmins.

Can anybody tell you whether the Thakur caste forms part of the Rajput caste?


Is banyal sub caste of rajput?

yes,banyal is sub caste of rajputs

What is the gotra of a person with surname Roy?

ROY is a title given by the rajas and later by the british also to doesn't necessarily belong to one particular caste.its a title endowed on a brahmin,baidya,kayastha....even lower castes take up the surname roy to escape they may have any gotra depending on their caste.

Who are the real Sikhs arora or jatt?

All people who follow Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji are Sikhs... Jatts and Aroras who follow Sikhism are true Sikhs ...Caste-ism is not a symbol of true Sikhism and anybody who believes in caste-ism is not a true Sikh.

What is Loksatta leader Dr Jayaprakash Narayan caste?

He is a kamma. but I understand that he is hailing from Scheduled Caste Community married a girl from kamma family. However, I don't have any authentic information in this regard. If anybody knows please furnish the details so as to get the more support for his cause from the downtrodden even!

Are vanniyar belongs to obc catogory?

no they come under most backward class [mbc] in tamilnadu and south states.

Is KOHLI caste schedule caste?

No. KOHLI belongs to khatri caste or the business caste . Khatri caste is a business caste among Punjabis. Most of khatri people have shops and are in business . However, "KOLI" caste is a schedule caste among Punjabis.

Four levels of society in religion?

In the Indian caste system, there is the priestly caste, the warrior caste, the businessman caste, and the worker caste.