Who are the real Sikhs arora or jatt?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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All people who follow Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji are Sikhs...

Jatts and Aroras who follow Sikhism are true Sikhs ...Caste-ism is not a symbol of true Sikhism and anybody who believes in caste-ism is not a true Sikh.

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Can someone provide history of Horah jatt Sikh.

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Q: Who are the real Sikhs arora or jatt?
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Do the arora Sikh marry their cousins?

Arora sikhs only respect their religion they have long beards which is tied therefore some stupid people of punjab called them BHAPA just to tease them . And no cousin marriage is not allowed in arora sikhs with one or two examples u cant judje all arora sikh . I have many examples of jatt marrying their cousin that doesnt mean that all jatts r like this.

Are mehrok jatt Sikhs?

yes they are pure jatt sikhs as most of the mand's are from majha

Are poonia jatt Sikhs?

yes some poonia are sikhs others hindu

Are jatt Sikhs are scheduled castes?

no, not at any cost.

What caste does sajjan belong to?

Jatt Caste of Sikhs

Are tehang jatt Sikhs?

Why do you want to know? Sikhs don't believe in the caste system. That's for hindus

Which caste does Drashti Dhami belong to?

Dhami's are Jatt Sikhs.

Who are arora Sikhs?

Arora Sikhs normally come from industrialists and trader Sikh community now vs. Jatts who are usually agriculturists. Aroras are Kshatriyas in Hinduism and in fact got converted to Sikhism as Warriors initially because fighting against oppression was the major reason of Arora conversion from Hinduism to Sikhism as compared to Jatts who converted to fight against oppression and enjoy fruits of a path that got them free from clutches of Hindu caste-ism where they were considered Shudras (still in hinduism, jatts are mostly shudras). Both Jatts and Aroras enjoy a good status in Sikhism. However, Sikhism was always supposed to be a single community - not arora, khatri, jatt, ravidasia etc..... Mostly it has been found that certain factions (especially hindu religious groups and Hindu Jatts who hate Sikh Jatts progressiveness and the close proximity of all Sikhs without any caste bias) are trying to create a divide amongst Sikhs specially Aroras. Khatris and Jatts. All those are progressive communities and need to understand - Sikh First, Jatt/Arora later. Do not fall for traps.

Is khubbar a jatt Sikh last name?

Real Sikhs always have one last name, Guru ji assigned- Singh for men, and for womens/girls it Kaur, yes khubbar is a jatt sikh surname

Is jassal a jatt last name?

some Jassals are a schedule caste. but Jassals are Clear Jatt Sikhs.

How can someone check Jatt casts?

(haryal) sub cast is jatt singh or arora Sikh or khatri i want let me know about (haryal) sir name

Is dadwal a jatt Sikh caste?

Sikhs reject the caste system. There are no castes in sikhism.