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only land owners could vote

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Q: Colonial governments limited suffrage through property.this meant that?
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What was the colonial policy of limited suffrage through property qualifications?

Under some colonial self-government, only landowners could vote.

What best describes one way colonial governments limited women's liberties?

they had no rights to do nothing

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In what ways was democracy limited in Colonial America?

Democracy was limited in colonial America because of the colonial system. The people in the colonies had no right to representation in the English Parliament.

Is russia have limited or unlimited government?

limited because it has different governments

Are most governments in Latin America limited or unlimited?

Limited LOL

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Unlimited governments will inherently be corrupt governments.

How long did the Philippines have limited and unlimited governments?

is it limited cause they have to do what the president says

Can you have information on limited and unlimited governments?


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Information from any government is limited by two factors: governments reserve the right to withold information related to security, and governments don't know everything in the first place.

How did magna carta affect colonial government?

Limited the king