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The main thing that the British wanted was money so they introduced craft and industries.

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Q: Crafts and industries on british rule in India?
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In which was did British rule harm indians?

The British colonial rule over India was marked by the looting of natural resources, the mistreatment of the local people and the the collapse of the Indigenous Indian Industries.

What ended Muslim rule northern rule in India?

The actions of the British East India Company in the 1700s

What type of colonial rule did British have on India?

divide and rule

Is British rule in India a boon or a curse for India?


Who traded with India during british rule?

The British, primarily.

What were the goods exported from India during british rule?

items which were exported during british rule

How did the British Empire rule in India?

With authority.

What was rwinism?

British rule over India

What is The most important benefits of British rule over India?

British looted India And filled their treasures.

Which were the two historical buildings constructed during British rule in India?

Victoria memorial and gateway to India were the two historical buildings constructed during British rule in India

What type economic system does India operate under?

India's previously State operated industries has rapidly been developed into a more open mixed economy. Industrial deregulation and the privatization of formerly either owned or government controlled industries has been continuing.

How is India similar and different now and at time of British rule?

India was under rule of British from 1857-1947. HOPES THIS HELPS YOU WITH WHATEVER YOU'RE DOING!!