Did Mary Anderson marry

Updated: 8/19/2023
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Well there's alot of Mary Andersons in this world so... I think your asking about the inventor. Mary was totally not married so don't ask it again.K? OK

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Q: Did Mary Anderson marry
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Who did Mary Anderson the inventor marry?

yes she got married

Who did Mary Anderson the inventor have kids with?

Nope Mary Anderson the inventor [the person who invented the windshield wipers] did not get married, she was single all of her life.

What did Mary Anderson invent?

Mary Anderson invented the windshield wiper.

When did Mary Anderson die?

Mary Anderson died in 1953, aged 87.

Who was Mary Anderson the inventors husband?

Mary Anderson dos'ent have husband

When was Mary Patricia Anderson born?

Mary Patricia Anderson was born in 1887.

When did Mary Patricia Anderson die?

Mary Patricia Anderson died in 1966.

When was Mary Annette Anderson born?

Mary Annette Anderson was born in 1871.

When did Mary Annette Anderson die?

Mary Annette Anderson died in 1922.

When was Mary Anderson - author - born?

Mary Anderson - author - was born in 1939.

What month was Mary Anderson the inventor born?

Mary Anderson was born on February 19,1866

What were the names of Mary Anderson's parents?

Mary Anderson, the inventor of the windshield wiper blade, was the daughter of John C. and Rebecca Anderson.