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Virginia City is near Carson City and the discovery of the Comstock lode of silver ore was instrumental in the development of San Francisco.

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Q: Discovery of silver near Carson City helped which city develope?
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How did the discovery of precious metals effect nevadas population?

People came to mine for the silver. Silver towns grew like Virigina City and Carson City ended up having a mint.

Why did the discovery of gold and silver help the city of Denver grow?

it made more states want to trade more with denver

Which country was founded because of the discovery of silver?

Argentina was found because of the discovery of silver... The name actually means silver

What are the earliest Carson City silver dollars?

The earliest Carson City silver dollar is the 1870-CC Seated Liberty dollar.

Is there a 1898 Carson City Silver Dollar?

No. The Carson City mint closed in 1893.

How do you know if you have a 1882 Carson City silver dollar?

Look on the reverse and then look above the DO in dollar. If you see the two letters CC you have a silver dollar from the Carson City mint. This was the mintmark that the Carson City mint used.

When did Carson City become a boomtown?

In 1864, Carson City is the one and only capital Nevada has ever had.

What silver dollars have a stagecoach on one side?

carson city

What years were Morgan silver dollars minted in Carson City?

The Carson City, Nevada mint produced Morgan Silver Dollars during the following years 1878,1879,1880,1881,1882,1883,1884,1885,1889,1890,1891,1892,1893.

Did Carson City make a silver dollar in 1845?

No the first Carson City Dollar coin was the 1870 Seated Liberty

Value Carson City silver dollar 1838?

Sorry the Carson City Mint wasn't even built in 1838

What is the capital of the Silver State?

Carson City is the capital city in the U.S. state of Nevada. Carson City is located along Nevada's western border with California. Nevada got the nickname the Silver State because of the large silver deposits that were discovered and mined in the state.