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13 villages are known to me as karamwar rajputs,vashist gotra in bhojpur district & 1 village in chhapra dist.

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I am karamwar rajput vasistha gotra . Anyone can tell me about my descendants and history??

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Q: Does any one have history of karamwar rajput?
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Is ''kirar'' is one of the category of Raj put?

Kirar are not Rajputs, kirars are notified backward class and rajputs are not. However few backward classes have started to claim themselves rajputs such as Kirar Rajput, lodha rajput.

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Who was raja of rathambhor in history?

He was one of a rajput leader who was defeated by "Akbar the Great"!

Is katiyar caste a rajput caste?

Rajput is a very disputed term.Even the bhumihars(brahmins) call themselves rajputs.But rajput is one who is of kings relation(kshatriya).Katiyars are suryavanshi kurm kshatriyas.

Who is Aditya Rajput Singh's girlfriend?

No one can't be his girlfriend because I am waiting for him. I am aditya rajput singh's girlfriend. My name start with letter v and end with a.

Is sushant a bihari rajput?

yes probably, he is from Patna. One of my friends told me this.

What is history of jaryal rajput caste?

According to our grandparent - Jaryal Rajput basically belong to Rajouri(Ridu), Kashmir.In the 19th century many of the Jaryal left the place and came to the Kangra, Himachal Pradesh. This is what I heard from the old Jaryal Villagers.If we dig little dipper into the history then one may find out that Jarral/Jaryal name belong to Raja Jir-Roe from Hastinapur, Haryana, whose ancestor was the Arjuna from Mahabharta.There are more facts hidden in the hisotry.

Are raikwar surname is rajput caste?

Yes, Raikwar is one of the surname of Kashyap Rajputs

If a person has gotra Chauhan but have surname Patwa Does it means he is a Rajput?

chauhan is a surname not gotra. Chauhan both come in rajput & sutas. No one can guess real caste nowadays Because or change in surnames.

Is ''kirar'' is one of the category of Raj put?

Kirar are not Rajputs, kirars are notified backward class and rajputs are not. However few backward classes have started to claim themselves rajputs such as Kirar Rajput, lodha rajput.

Where online could one do a vehicle history check?

One can do an online vehicle history check at Car Fax. They always have the most updated information, and can look up any history on any vehicle.

Is tohni a higher cast of rajpot?

yes, it is a higher cast of rajput .. and it is one of the royal cast of rajputs.

Can rajput have kashyap surnam?

Yes it is a sub-caste of Rajputs. Kashyap Rajput hailed from Rajasthan and were originally royal guards on horses that protected the princess. After the mughal invasion they were forced out of work and left the area for various jobs and some ended up in Punjab, converting to Sikhism. One of the Panj-Pyare was a Kayshup Rajput Himmat Rai (who had become a water-bearer due to losing his job during the mughal era) was converted to sikhism by Guru Gobind Singh.

Are panwar rajputs?

yes originally panwar are very high clan of rajputs desendants of Ujjaini Kshatrriya(one of Highest ranking rajput clan in India). but these days many other castes and different rajput castes use this surname but those who are authentic panwar are only belongs to royal rajput.clan also known as Parmara Rajput or its SUB-branch...