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Connecting the past and present.

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Q: Drawing lessons from history to see how past events affect life today is an example of which historical skill?
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Is it Dangerous to Teach History to School Students?

Yes, Pupils might get ideas from bad people whom they study in history lessons.

Why is Learning History Important?

Someone once said that those who do not learn about history repeat it (or something to that extent). If you don't want to bad things to happen again, learn about and try to prevent them. It is also important to study History because if you want to know how the world really started, then you can research History and try to find out. History teaches us many vital lessons about life.

What is history and why is it important to study history?

History is studied to learn of the mistakes and successes of humankind. With such knowledge, successes can be made to fit modern times and mistakes and errors of the past can be avoided. History can also be studied simply on the basis of seeing what events happened in the past.

The study of history can be depending on how it is presented?

The maximum usually acknowledged historic methodologies include: Palaeography (have a look at of historic handwriting), diplomatics, the have a look at of documents, information and archives, chronology (organising the dates of beyond events), the have a look at of publications, epigraphy (have a look at of historic inscriptions).

Why did the king give Sundiata a griot?

the king felt death approach so he called his son and gave him a griot to tell him stories that could teach lessons. i just took a hitory test and the answer key gave me this answer ... nare gave his son a griot to help him learn the history of his ancestors

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Drawing lessons from history to see how past events affect life today is an example of what?

Connecting the past and present

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Which historical skill help people learn lessons from history?

Connecting the past and present.

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When was History Lessons created?

History Lessons was created on 1972-09-10.