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Jacques Cartier

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Q: French claims to much of Canada began with?
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What were the effects of the Europeans coming to Canada?

Canada is a huge nation that was an area that France began to develop as a new world colony. Much of its climate is a cold one with annual snowfall being heavy. After the French and Indian War in the 18th century, the British took control of Canada and explored its vast interior and also its Pacific coast. Native Americans living there were in the "way" of many settlers, and their treatment was not always good. The impact of British colonization was to bring Canada into the modern world and it has a high tech economy and is rich in timber and oil.

Why did the french like the first nation canoes?

Like European canoes the Canadian First Nation canoes were made of local materials but were much more suited to conditions found in Canada.

Why is the Hudson's Bay Company important to Canada?

Hudson Bay Company is important to Canada because they sold much of what is today Canada, to Canada.

How were British and Canadian citizens affected whan Great Britain took control of Canada?

When Britain took control of all of Canada in 1759-60 the British living in the area were positively affected. The many British, Scottish, Irish living elsewhere in Canada did not have to worry as much about French attacks. Those living in what is today Southern Ontario and Quebec were most positively affected.

How did the treaty of Versailles start the world war 2?

the treaty of Versailles was to much burden on Germany and there was no way they began to pay retribution that was imposed on them. it caused much hardship and hard feelings and Germany began to think the world was against them. so Germany when Hitler started ruling ignored the treaty and began to prepare for war.

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Voyages of Samuel de Champlain became the basis of french claims to much of what?

much of canada

What landform claims much of the land in the central portion of the US and Canada?


Who came up with Canada's language french?

A french explorer named Samuel De Chanplain explores Canada. So that's pretty much how Canada speaks French.

Did Jacques cartier explore Canada and the st Lawrence river?

Yes, Jacques Cartier (A French Mariner and Explorer) discovered the St. Lawrence River. Much of French claims to Canada are based on Cartiers explorations. He discovered it while looking for the Northwest Passage to Asia.

Which country gave up claims to Canada?

Which war? The French and Indian war, also called the Seven Years War which ended with the Treaty of Paris in 1763? In that case it was the French, though there didn't control very much of what is Canada today. In the early 1700's most of the few settlements they had were along the St Lawrence river. The majority of what is Canada today was controlled or claimed by the British Empire.

Is Canada a French speaking country?

Yes, French is an official language of Canada. -------- No Canada is not a French speaking country. Outside of one province most of Canada speaks English and more Canadians speak Asian languages than French. For much of Canada French is the language of the colonizing Mother County

Who first explored the st. Lawrence river?

Explorer Jacques Cartier is credited with being the first European to explore the St. Lawrence River in the early 16th century. His expeditions helped establish French claims to Canada.

What are all the french-speaking Canadian cities?

pretty much all of Canada, the main city is Montreal

What war resulted in great Britain acquire of Canada?

Britain already claimed much of what is now Canada as a result of exploration, but it was not until the French & Indian War that it acquired the (relatively heavily-populated) province of Quebec. French Canadians today are the descendants of the French-speaking residents of French-owned Quebec.

Why are there so many french people in Canada?

Because the Europeans who settled and colonized (some areas of) Canada were mainly from France. This created french-speaking areas that have remained until today. Most French-speaking people you meet in Canada aren't french, they're Canadians. French-speaking, but still very much Canadians. 'Course, if you're French speaking, and looking for another place to live, another french speaking nation would make the transition easier. If you don't speak good english, Canada would be easier than, say Alaska.

When did Britain start ruling Canada in the british empire?

British and French began settling Canada in the 17th Century. In the 1760s, Britain defeated France and won complete ownership of Canada. In 1867, Britain gave Canada its independence. The Hudson's Bay Company was established by British royal charter in 1670. It was the de facto government of huge parts of North America, including much of Canada, until these were taken over by various European governments, including Britain, and the United States.

What is the language the Atlantic region in Canada?

English, French.. pretty much all languages. We are very multicultural :)