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Q: Government appointments made on the basis of political loyalty but limited by civil service regulations are generally termed?
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How were government appointments handled before the civil service act of 1883?

Appointments were made to political supporters as part of a spoils system.

What political party tends to favor less government regulations and services?


Explains how political bosses were able to gain and maintain power?

They bribed state and local officials in return for government appointments.

What is the study of how people have organized systems of government including the laws rules and regulations of their societies throughhout history is called?

The study of how people have organized systems of government, laws, rules, and regulations throughout history is called political science or political history. It aims to understand the development, structure, and functioning of government systems and how they impact societies.

The number of political appointments available to the president?

The number of political appointments available to a president varies. The number of open position varies greatly from year to year.

What are the concepts of ordered government limited government and representative government?

An ordered government is one with orderly regulations between all parts of government and state. A limited government is one that has regulations placed on it for what it can and can not do, such as, and generally including, ensuring the rights of it's citizens. A representative government is one in which officials are elected by the general populace to create public policies.The government is in charge of administration and regulation of the government.

State the importance of political environment in business?

The importance of political environment in a business setting is the regulation of the business. Sometimes the government needs to regulate a business to make sure all customers of that business are treated fairly. Regulations are also in place to make sure the business pays appropriate taxes and obeys government regulations that protect the environment.

What is system service?

A civil service system ensures that appointments and promotions are based on merit and abilities. Appointments are not made by political patronage.

Anti Jackson political party that generally stood for national community and an activist government?


Anti-Jackson political party that generally stood for national community and an activist government?

the whigs

What are examples of political factors?

Examples of political factors include government stability, policy decisions, political stability, and regulatory changes. These factors can directly impact businesses by influencing economic conditions, trade relations, and market regulations.

The assassination of president Garfield in 1881 by a person who has been denied a government job helped spur?

Civil service- the idea of filling government jobs via competitive examination rather than by political appointments was spurred by Garfield's assassination.