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can you give me 5 historical facts about bouremouth

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Q: Historical facts about Bournemouth
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What facts happened?

Facts that happened are historical facts.

What is historical fictions facts?

IF you are reading a historical fiction book it is bacically, what happened in the books that are facts and about history

Is Bournemouth in London?

No, Bournemouth is in Dorset.

What are historical facts about canada?

you have no answer for this

When was Bournemouth created?

Bournemouth was created in 1810.

Is bournemouth in the north east?

Bournemouth is in the south of England

Is there a hollister in bournemouth?

No the nearest one to Bournemouth is in Southhampton

What are Early historical facts about Georgia?

the early historical facts of georgia are the first known inhabitants,exploration,settlement,and colonial days

Who are historical figures of Germany?

germanys historical facts are their leader who is Angela Merkel

When was Bournemouth School created?

Bournemouth School was created in 1901.

When was Bournemouth Sinfonietta created?

Bournemouth Sinfonietta was created in 1968.

When was Bournemouth University created?

Bournemouth University was created in 1992.