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As far as I know; As Long As We KEEP Them In.... Every four years, we hold a Federal Election to decide our leaders. (unless of course the opposition tries to bring the government down with a non confidence vote) :=(

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5 years

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Q: How Long Can A Canadian Government stay in power?
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How long can the british government stay in power for?

the british goverment can stay in charge for every 3 years

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How long did the institutional revolutionary party stay in power for so long?

By gaining control of Mexico's government. Also by being corrupt and fixing elections after comming into power.

What three words can you describe Australia's government?

a parliamentary democracy. In this system, a government can only stay in power as long as it is supported by a majority of the Parliament.

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How long can the minister of defence stay in power in Canada?

Canadian ministers of the Crown stay in office indefinitely at the Governor General's pleasure. In practice, the Prime Minister is in control of the composition of the Ministry. Ministries are dissolved when the Prime Minister leaves office, though this also occurred once when former Prime Minister Robert Borden formed a coalition Unionist government while in office (dissolving his original Conservative government).

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Mancur Olson felt that a stationary bandit was a government "tyrant" who has an incentive to encourage economic success as he or she plans to stay in power for a long time.

How long can a prime minister stay in office in Australia?

The Prime Minister of Australia is the leader of the federal government and the national leader of Australia. Prime Ministers can stay in power as long as they have the support of their party and their party has the majority of members in the House of Representatives. There is no time limit.

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