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If you mean the current queen, then the answer is she does.

Dispite the public thinking she doesn't, every new law, paper and offical report goes to her to be signed. She wakes up early and spends no less than 2 hours signing papers... (just hope that pen doesn't run out)

The Queen owns the country in a way, since William the royal famikly has passed the kingdom down... she chooses though that the government must decide whats best, and this is done through democracy and 'power to the people'

AnswerCanada is a Constitutional Monarchy which legally limits the authority of the Monarch's role so that it must accord with the political arrangements declared under Canada's Constitution.

The Queen possesses certain prerogative powers, and plays a ceremonial role, though has no active role in governance, and even most of the ceremonial functions of the Queen are handled by her representative in Canada, the Governor General (currently Michaelle Jean).

Although formally possessed of power, the Queen is informally restricted by convention to respect the sovereign will of the people, and would risk considerable political outrage if she were to actually exercise such power, as it would not only offend the principle of Canadian sovereignty but also representative government. By this arrangement, the Queen is effectively powerless in the actual operation of the Canadian state.

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Q: How can queen elizabeth not have power when she is the head of state?
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Why does the queen wear a crown?

it is worn as an emblem of sovereignty, of royalty and of dignity. It represents the governing power of a monarchical state. The queen is head of that state

Why do Canadians celebrate the queens birthday when she is the queen of England not Canada?

Her Majesty is also the Queen of Canada.The Queen is the monarch of sixteen Realms of the Commonwealth, and in each realm Her Majesty's role is as a separate head of State. Canadians celebrate the Queen's birthday because Her Majesty is the Canadian head of State, and Canadian Queen.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------P.S. The birthday we celebrate is that of Queen Victoria, not Queen Elizabeth.

Who is in charge of Britain?

The Head of State is Queen Elizabeth II and the Head of Government is the Prime Minister James Gordon Brown. The Queen is head of state of the United Kingdom and the head of government in the UK is Gordon Brown. There is no-one in charge of Great Britain because it is not a country, only part of the UK.

Is Australia ruled by a king or queen?

Australia is part of the Commonwealth of Nations, in which the UK and the Queen is a leader of. Most people know her as the Queen of England, but Elizabeth II is actually the monarch of 16 different countries. A vestige of Great Britain's former colonial empire, these states, known as the commonwealth realms, recognize Elizabeth as their Queen, but are otherwise wholly independent sovereign states.

Who is united kindgoms 's ruler?

The ruler of the United Kingdom is Queen Elizabeth II. The head of the government is Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown MP (Labour).