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King Louis XIV contributed to history by achieving abosulte power and having a strong military, but more importantly it was his effect on history that is remembered. After his rule he left France in debt from from so many wars.

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Q: How did Louis xiv contribute to history?
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Who is the most powerful ruler in french history?

Louis if you're doing Mr. Philips crossword if not than its Louis xiv

How long did Louis XIV rule for?

Louis XIV ruled from the year 1643 to the year 1715, the longest reign in European history.

Who was Louis XIV and Louis XV?

Louis XIV was king of France for much of the 17th century and into the early 18th century. Louis XV was king of France in the 18th century.Louis is not important and history is boring.

How is Louis XIV reign remembered?

As the longest reign in European history.

What King is called the Sun King?

King Louis XIV.

Was Louis xiv's reign the longest in french history?

Louis XIV reigned from 1638-1715 for a total of 72 years. He is the longest reigning monarch in European History and in French history he is the longest reigning monarch consequently. The only other French monarch to come close to that length was Lous XIV's great-grandson, Louis XV (60 years).

How did Louis XIV's weak leadership contribute to the growing crisis in France?

I don't know, I have problem too

Is Louis XIV single?

No, Louis XIV is not single.

History on Louis XIV of France?

Louis XIV, also known as Louis the Great, had the longest reign of any monarch in European history. He ruled for 72 years and 110 days. He consolidated a system of complete monarchical rule that lasted until the French Revolution.

Who is the most powerful ruler in french history who weakened the power of the nobility?

Louis XIV

What is Louis XIV religion?

Louis XIV was a Roman Catholic.

King Louis XVI the Sun King?

Louis XIV