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Queen Elizabeth punished people by giving them fines or put them in prison

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Q: How did elizabeth 1st punish people?
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Did Queen Elizabeth 1 punish people badly?

Yes, yes she did.

How did Queen Elizabeth punish people?

hung them by there necks or through them in the dunjun

Why did elizabeth 1 punish recusants?

Yes, she chopped people’s heads off.

What were Elizabeth 1st hobbies?

Being faithful and loyal to her country and she did not ever marry for she was married to her people

What kind of dress did elizabeth the 1st wear?

Elizabeth I Dressed Up A Lot To Pmpriss the people

How many people did elizabeth 1st burn at the stake?


How do Buddhism people punish people?

in return they punish them to learn

What is elizabeth well known for?

The 1st QUEEN called Elizabeth.

Who and what genders are Elizabeth 1st children?

Elizabeth the First had no children.

In 1600 who was the monarch of England?

Elizabeth 1st until 1603

When was Elizabeth 1st Birthday?

Elizabeth I was born on September 7, 1533.

what was queen Elizabeth 1's full name?

Elizabeth Tudor was the full name of Queen Elizabeth the 1st