Who is Elizabeth Regina?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll is Elizabeth Regina. More Information In heraldry - the art and science of noble families - Latin is used, probably to make it more impenetrable to "ordinary" people. Regina is Latin for "Queen."

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Q: Who is Elizabeth Regina?
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What do the initials E R stand for on Buckingham palace?

Elizabeth Regina - Regina is Latin for queen.

What is the ER police?

Elizabeth Regina

What is the value of Elizabeth 11 Regina silver coin with two birds on the back?

Elizabeth 11 Regina silver 50 cents

What does er mean in latin?

Elizabeth Regina. Regina means queen in Latin

What does ER stand for on British Military Uniforms?

Elizabeth Regina Elizabeth Reigns

Why does queen Elizabeth II use initials 'ER' when initialing documents?

ELIZATH REGINA Elizabetha Regina (Regina is latin for queen)

Why is E II R on Elizabeth II coronation bible?

E II R stands for E=Elizabeth; II = second; R= Regina. Hence E II R = Elizabeth II Regina.

Where does the name Regina come from in Elizabeth II r?

ER means Elizibeth Regina but im not really sure where Regina comes from...

What does the R in Elizabeth R stand for?

Regina. a King would write R for Rex. (Regina is Latin for queen and rex is Latin for king)

Why are Queen Elizabeth's initials ER?

Elizabeth, Regina. Elizabeth, Queen. She is the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom. Her mother, Queen Elizabeth, did not use these letters. She was not the reigning monarch, but was consort to her husband, King George.

What does E11R mean?

E=Elizabeth 11=2nd R=Regina ( Queen) Queen Elizabeth the 2nd.

What is the value of a 1955 south Africa suid-afrika coin elizabeth II Regina coin?

It depends on the denomination and condition of the coin. "Elizabeth II Regina" means "Elizabeth the Second, Queen", and "South Africa Suid-Afrika" is simply the name of the country, first in English and then in Afrikaans. All coins issued in South Africa in 1955 had both phrases ("Elizabeth II Regina" and "South Africa Suid-Afrika") on them.