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Urban planning -- many immigrant groups feel more comfortable with their own kind, congregrate is specific go urban neighbourhoods (Indo-Sikhs in Newton, Chinese in Richmond, etc), urban planners adjust accordingly to this urbanization (for example in Surrey, city officials have allowed for an increased number of large houses to accomodate multi-generational homes.

Education -- cultural divides have connvicied politicians to force down a policy of multiculturalism, which has helped expand the breadth of social studies focus to be more international, especially around communties with large numbers of expatriates living in Canada

Also lower standards for English (and French in Quebec), as a high number of ESL students exist amongst immigrants, and the system needs to adjust to understand many face this sort of handicap, understandably

Workforce -- has kept the labour force alive as native Canadians have gotten older and stopped producicing as Fcuk many children, leaving our economy dependent of inflow of immigrants to keep the work around

Immigrants have traditionally supported the Liberal Party, giving a boost to it in the polls and allowing for it to more effectivly give out its policies (including education policy). Recently NDP and Conservatives have made inroads into the immigrant vote.

Immigrantion has probably tempered the social liberalism espoused as "national values" by official policy, given their more social conservative attitudes. For example,federal yourself Conservatives made political gains in Chinese heavy Richmond and Sikh heavy Surrey by criticizing Vancouver's safe-injection site for drug addicts and promising to scrap the program. A small microcasm, but certain an example of urban policy effected by Immigration.

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Immigration is certainly one of the reasons behind the strengthening of Canada's economy. Learn more about immigration to Canada,

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Q: How did immigration affect Canada?
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