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In early modern times most people made their money off of agriculture or working in factories

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Q: How did people make money in the renaissance time?
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What were some of the changes during the Renaissance?

The renaissance was a time of great prosperity, wealth, and the end to a feudal society. this meant that the lord no longer took things from people and the lord gave the people things they needed, the people would make money and they would buy what they need and if they had some money left over they would ether save it or buy something to improve their job.

What was money called during the Renaissance?

renaissance was a period in time in southern Europe. money at that time was called by many names in different parts of the world

How did banks originate in the time of the renaissance?

bussiness people would sell cloth for an amount of money. Other people invented a cheque to hold a large amount of money. slowly this process developed and banks were made.

What did money have to do with the Great Depression?

The great depression was a time where many people could not make much money, and it was hard to make money.

How is it appropriate to explain the Renaissance time period?

Renaissance literally means "rebirth". When the people were freed from the Dark Ages, it was like a new beginning. That is why it is called the Renaissance time period.

How did the renaissance time period come about?

The Renaissance came after the black death in Medieval Europe. This was the time when people looked back to the Ancient Romans. Renaissance meaning ''rebirth'', was the reborn of the Roman Empire and lasted from about 1350-1550 A.D.The Renaissance started in Italy since it was in the middle of the Roman Empire and Italy had Urban societies. This time period was secular meaning ''not religious'' and people wanted to make the World better. In conclusion, The Renaissance was a peaceful time period since it lived by the Ancient Romans past. The Renaissance was the rebirth of the Roman Empire and the interest in art and learning. Hope this answers the question!

How people make money?

They get a job. In a job the people do work and then are paid for their time and their product. Some people gamble to make money. Some people take it from others without doing a thing.

Was there actually a renaissance?

There was. It was the time in the 1400's when people began to be able to think for themselves, and make great art, search for other lands, etc. We would not have pepper or a lot of other things if there was no renaissance.

What is one invention from the renaissance time that people have improved?


What did the Renaissance encouraged people to do?

the renaissance encouraged people to look at the religion they practiced and see the faults that the church had. People who followed the Christian faith looked at their religion and noticed how the church was abusiing its powers and using the people only for their money. The Renaissance also encouraged people to focus more on details of painting and sculptures, such as body proportions. It was also a time where people got thinking about how the government could change to benefit the people, instead of how the people could benefit the government.

Why did in the Renaissance people dress like that?

It was the style back then. If someone now were to go back in time, Renaissance people would think we dress weirdly

What Freedom during the renaissance?

The Renaissance was ruled by kings and the Church so individual freedoms were not available for people. Powerful people sponsored the art and buildings of the time.