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The theory of plate tectonics helps better explain our small continent, Australia, in its departure from Gondwanaland. The earth's crust was heating up (no, literally, heating up) as it released the continents away. Every liquid core separates the Earth's crust from each other. More info is on this link:

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Q: How did the continent of Australia drift away from Gondwanaland?
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Who created Australia?

Australia was believed to be a country of Pangea. However, Pangea slowly split apart into 2 island. Those 2 islands then broke away into many different and that is how Australia was made.

Why did Australia launch a massive immigration program after World War 2?

A large-scale immigration program to Australia began after WW2 when millions of people in Europe had llost their homes and/or been taken away from their homelands. At the same time Australia had a shortage of labour and needed a substantial population growth for the future of the county.

What events helped shape Australia's identity?

The very fact that Australia was founded by convicts has had a great deal to do with the development of an Australian identity. Australians tend to really champion the "underdog", and this can be traced to its convict foundations. Exploration of the continent between 1813 and the 1870s certainly shaped the development of Australia, with the opening up of new land for farming, agriculture and settlement. Explorers such as Lawson, Wentworth and Blaxland, Sturt, Stuart, Mitchell, Oxley, Cunningham, Leichhardt, Eyre all had pivotal parts to play in the shaping of Australian settlement. In line with this, John McDougall's successful 1862 crossing of the continent from south to north - and back again - was a catalyst to Australia being joined in communication to the rest of the world. The British-Australian Telegraph Company laid a submarine cable from Java to Darwin, linking Darwin to the world. It remained only to connect Darwin to the rest of Australia. The Overland Telegraph Line was built in 1872, linking Darwin to Adelaide, and from there, to the rest of Australia. Australia now had a direct line to the world. The goldrushes brought a variety of different cultural groups to Australia, all of whom had their own influence on the development of Australia's identity. The Eureka Stockade of 1854 marked the beginning of democracy in Australia. This was when the gold miners at Ballarat rebelled against some unreasonable demands of the troopers and the authorities. Australia's great shearers' strike in 1891 highlighted the need for a political party to represent the rights of the union workers, and led to the formation of the Australian Labor Party. The influence of writers such as AB 'Banjo' Paterson and Henry Lawson gave Australia its own sense of identity. Paterson glorified the bush and life on the land, while Lawson emphasised how heartbreaking the outback life could be. Either way, they typified Australians as hardworking, tough and determined people. Federation of the colonies in 1901 was a major event. All the colonies of Australia, including Tasmania, came together and federated under the Commonwealth of Australia. World War I and the Gallipoli campaign were significant in shaping Australia's identity, and gave the country an emerging sense of wanting to "get out from under Britain's thumb". Billy Hughes's conscription issues divided the nation, with some wishing to retain ties to Britain and fight for the "mother country", while others felt it just wasn't Australia's war. Naturally, Australia's involvement in each of the subsequent wars helped cement its relationships to and alliances with some countries, whilst also opening up Australians to the influence of other countries. The Japanese bombings of Darwin, Wyndham and Broome during World War II removed some of Australia's previous innocence, and that was totally blown away with the Korean and Vietnam wars.

When did Mary Reibey come to Australia?

Mary Reibey arrived in New South Wales, Australia in the year 1792, aboard the convict ship "Royal Admiral". This is because she ran away from her home in Bury, England after her parents died, and she was convicted of stealing a horse. She was just 13 years old at the time.

Why was Australia Split into states and territories?

States developed in Australia out of the original colonies that were established when different areas of Australia were settled at different times. Colonies developed first at Sydney, followed by Newcastle (still part of New South Wales), then further in the south at Van Diemen's Land (Hobart, in Tasmania), north in Brisbane (Moreton Bay), in the west at Perth, and finally south at Melbourne and Adelaide. On 1 January 1901, they federated as one nation.

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What continent did South America break away from?

Pangaea was the original super-continent which broke up into Gondwanaland and Laurasia. Gondwanaland consisted of present day Africa, Antarctica, Australia, India and South America.

Why did Australia become a continent?

about 250 million years ago the dry land of the world consisted of one large continent known as Gondwanaland. This continent floated on a lake ofliquid that is the core of the earth weaknesses in Gondwanaland led to cracks forming resulting in the formation of shields that now comprise the continents of the Earth. These began to break away from each other 250 million years ago leading to the position of the continents as we know them today. Australia was one of these Shields and broke free from what is Asia today about 30 million years ago.

What continent is southeast of Asia?

Australia is the continent southeast of Asia.

What is the furthest continent from Europe?

The furthest continent from Europe is Australia, located around 16,000 kilometers away.

When was Drift Away created?

Drift Away was created in 1972.

Which country is the farthest away from the rest of continent?

Australia is the country that is the farthest away from the rest of the continents, as it is located on its own separate continental plate.

Which Continent that has a rain forest is furthest away from the equator?

Australia is the continent with a rainforest that is furthest away from the equator. The Daintree Rainforest in Queensland, Australia, is located near the northeastern coast of the continent, far south of the equator.

What is the name of the song that goes ''I want to get lost in your rock and role and drift away''?

drift away by uncle kracker

Why did Australia take over Britain?

Australia did not take over Britain. Britain actually took over Australia originally and formed colonies on that continent. Later, the Australian people moved away from British rule.

What is the name of the continent of Australia and New Zealand?

New Zealand is not in a continent: it is an island country. Australia is a nation and a continent, but the continent of Australia does not incorporate New Zealand. New Zealand is part of the mostly submerged continent Zealandia, which is not commonly recognised as one of the continents of the world, precisely because it is submerged. The continent of Australia is a recognised continent. The region including Australia and New Zealand is sometimes referred to as "Oceania", but Oceania is geographically and politically not a continent.

Who Drift Away?

Dobie Gray

What is the theory of plate tectonics is about the .?

the proof is that the continents fit together as a puzzle and they were once joined as a super continent known as Pangaea and because of plate tectonics they drifted away, Go see the Continental drift theory