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The Manchus conquered the Chinese empire and established the Qing dynasty in 1644. The Manchu's included people from Jurchen, Mongolian, Han Chinese and Korean descent who lived in the northeast as barbarians. The Qing dynasty brought about a lot of changes in China, but for the most part these changes helped the country flourish. The Manchu's adopted much of the Han Chinese high culture. They quickly won over the intellectual class and preserved the land ownership status as it was.

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They forced Chinese to adopt some of their style of dress.

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Q: How did the manchu invaders affect china?
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it was used to keep out invaders

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Manchu conquest of China happened in 1618.

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Mandate of Heavan from Zhou Dyanasty gave ruler absolute authority Definitely actually were threatened by invaders (Mongols -> Yuan) and (Manchu -> Qing)

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