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Science is the study of environment. History is the study of past and geography is the science that deals with the location of living and nonliving things on earth and the way they affect one another

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David: Geography is the study of Location, Place, region, Human-Enviroment Interaction, and Movement. History is a different story its the study of pass time of cultures.

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Q: How is the study of geography different from the study of history?
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Is history the same as geography?

No, history and geography are different disciplines. History is the study of past events and their impact on society, while geography is the study of the Earth's physical features and the distribution of life on the planet. Geography helps provide context for historical events by examining the spatial relationships and physical environments in which they occurred.

What do you call study of world history?


What does the study of humanities focus on?

Geography History

What do you mean by geography history and civics?

Geography is the study of Earth's physical features and human interactions with the environment. History is the study of past events and how they have shaped societies. Civics is the study of the rights and responsibilities of citizens and how governments function.

What are the five areas of geography?

The five main areas of geography are physical geography (study of landforms, climate, etc.), human geography (study of human interaction with the environment), environmental geography (study of the relationship between humans and the environment), regional geography (study of specific regions or areas), and geospatial technology (use of technology in geographic analysis).

Is geography both a social science and a science?

No. Geography is a completely different topic and subject to science. Science is a whole different topic to geography. Geography is things about the world e.g. places, sort of like history but of the planet.

What has the Olympics got to do with geography?

it has different countries in the Olympics and you study countries in geography

How are geography and geology the same and different?

Geography and geology are both earth sciences that study the earth's physical features and processes. However, geography focuses on the spatial relationships between these features, while geology is more concerned with the composition, structure, and history of the Earth's materials. Geography often integrates aspects of geology along with other disciplines to analyze the interactions between physical and human environments.

What subjects do you need to study at High School to become an Archaeologist?

English, Science, Biology, History, Geography, and Languages. and chemistry for the different tyes of soil.

How is the study of human geography different from the study of physical geography?

Human geography focuses on the interaction between human societies and their environment, including themes such as population, culture, and urbanization. Physical geography, on the other hand, looks at the natural environment and its processes, including landforms, climate, and ecosystems, without the human influence aspect.

What is the difference between social studies and geography?

Social studies is a broad academic discipline that includes various subjects like history, civics, economics, and sociology to study human societies. Geography is a specific branch of social studies that focuses on the physical features of the Earth's surface and the interactions between human societies and their environments. Geography involves the study of landscapes, climate, natural resources, and how they impact human activities.

Who study geography?

I study Geography