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Q: Who said geography is the mother of history?
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What is Canadian history about?

It has often been said that Canada's history is all about geography.

What are the five areas of geography?

History, Geography, Culture, Government and Economics.

Why is geography interrelated to history?

Because the geography of the planet was different back in history making moments. Additionally, geography impacts trade, travel, and events surrounding wars. It is said that ancient Rome's location in the center of the Mediterranean Sea enabled its power to expand both east and west of Rome's location.

How are history geography and RE linked together?


What do you mean by geography history and civics?

civic and geography

How has geography influenced the course of history?

Without Geography, History and historians simply wouldn't know where they are...!!!

Which is a harder GCSE History or Geography?

Depends on the person entirely. If you're good at science, history will be harder and if you are good at English, geography will be harder. Better at science = Choose geography. Better at English = Choose history. That's what I would do. i study both history and geography. they are both so different. i prefer geography as there is to much 2 remember in history that's my personal opinion, it depends oon each person. Awesome Answers I study both GCSE History and Geography too and to be honest i find History way easier..... but i agree with what was said above. I think a subject is only easy to you if you enjoy that subject and you are prepared to work, because then you will be more interested and you would want to learn more finding it easier.

What has the author Robert Sullivan written?

Robert Sullivan has written: 'The year in pictures, 2002' -- subject(s): World history, Modern History, Pictorial works, History 'Geography generalized..' -- subject(s): Geography 'An introduction to geography..' -- subject(s): Ancient History, Geography, History, Ancient

Which Canadian prime minister said if some countries have too much history we have too much geography?

Mackenzie King said it in a 1938 speech before the House of Commons.

What is the difference between social studies and geography?

Social studies is the study of history and the people who made that history. Geography is the study of land, maps, and landforms. Understand that geography affects history, but it is also a separate study and science.

How did geography affect Philippine history?

for me, geography greatly affects history in a sense that geography is not only focusing on the physical features of a land but also in human activities which according to my research belongs to human geography.

What has the author Colin McEvedy written?

Colin McEvedy has written: 'The New Penguin Atlas of Ancient History' -- subject- s -: Maps, Ancient Geography, Ancient History 'The Penguin atlas of modern history - to 1815 -' -- subject- s -: Maps, Modern History, Historical geography 'World History Factfinder' 'The Penguin Atlas of African History' -- subject- s -: Maps, Historical geography 'The Penguin atlas of ancient history' -- subject- s -: Maps, Ancient Geography, Ancient History 'The Penguin Atlas of Modern History' -- subject- s -: Maps, Modern History, Historical geography 'The new Penguin atlas of medieval history' -- subject- s -: Maps, History, Historical geography, Medieval Geography 'The Penguin Atlas of Ancient History - Hist Atlas -' 'Rise of the World's Cities' 'The Penguin atlas of medieval history' -- subject- s -: Medieval Geography, Maps, Atlases, Historical Atlases 'The Penguin atlas of medieval history' -- subject- s -: Medieval Geography, Maps