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proves that they have been struggling in the past and the present

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India starts its freedom for struggle in 1857.

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Q: How is the symbols of struggle used in freedom fight?
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What is the role of Khadi in India's freedom struggle?

khadi is used for abolishing the foreign clothes.khadis special is of hand made product and it is done by spinning wheel.khadi cloth is determined as our country cloth,it determines that khadi is our country's cloth

What were the impact of symbols in minds Indians during freedom struggle?

The most important thing to be noted is that significance of symbols is not a thing of past but to be there always and forever.The significance of symbols is to make future generations aware of efforts and pursuits as well hard-goings of their past generation to seek independence from British rule.Be itkhadi movement by Gandhi the cotton wheal as known to world which was a boycott to western goods remember Manchester.As well a successful effort to save the youth from clutches of western influence .To the present day all Khadi stores all over India have a discount sale from second of OCTOBER to thirty-first of JANAURY.Festival of Ganpati was started by Lokmanya Tilak to inculcate the feel of indianhood as well an effort to make the present generation realize the richness of our culture and heritage as well grow and identify with it.The national emblem th, national song , national anthem , the colors of our flag ,the blue spokes wheel in the white color strip of national flag ,all have a great significance.Chakra was used to promote the use of national products. It was an important symbol popularized by Mahatma Gandhi. Kadhi is also used for the same reason.The use of black flags to protest against Simon Commission with wordings of "Simon Go Back."The evolution of Indian flag during the struggle. At first in the Centre Vande Matram was written with different colors like green and red used. Then came chakra as told earlier its importance. It was replaced by present three colors, and a wheel on it symbolizing progress. This is not a complete one but an outline.Gandhiji's three monkeys, mikazaru, mizaru and mazaru......not to see, hear or speak evil! If you mean to say evil, symbols from the side of British that's just their harsh oppressive rules like it was written in front of public parks or restaurants or libraries "Indians and dogs are not allowed to enter"

What symbols were used in Tudor portraits?

some symbols used were jewelled globe jewelled gloves bridal hair rainbows flowers and pearls angel wings headdress eyes and ears serpent & a heart hope this helpd

What are symbols used in picture writing?

The items used in picture writing are generally referred to as symbols. When used to create elaborate thoughts or ideas, they are called "pictograms" which means "picture message." Varying forms of writing will have different specific terminology. An example is that Egyptian picture writing symbols are called Heiroglyphs, and those present in ancient Sumarrian scrypt are called Cuneiform. Each language has its own terms for the pictures that represent words, but the fundamental definition is that they are all "pictograms" meaning, "pictures that convey a message."

Why was the development of writing a big step in human history?

People used to draw symbols and pictures. Now, its more exact and easier write letters and words instead of pictures and symbols. Written language permitted people to share more of their experiences.

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Wt was the imp of symbols in Indian freedom struggle?

it was used to awake the illeterate people of INDIA

How and in what occasion symbols of freedom were used in India?


African words for freedom?

Some African words for freedom include "uhuru" in Swahili, "kudumbane" in Zulu, and "libertΓ©" in French (spoken in many African countries). These words represent the concept of liberation and independence from oppression or confinement.

What does Mein Kampf mean in english?

first answer: My Strugglesecond answer: The more correct translation is "My Fight". The "My Struggle" is an incorrect translation often used in various history books.

Why are national symbols important?

National symbols are very important to national identity. The importance of national symbols can vary, depending on the strength, history, and political environment of the nation these symbols can be used to instill pride and unity in a nation's population.

What are some similarities between the amistad ship and the freedom schooner amistad replica?

Both the Amistad ship and the Freedom Schooner Amistad replica are sailing vessels that were built to commemorate the historic event involving the Amistad revolt of 1839. They both have been used to educate people about the history of slavery and the fight for freedom. Additionally, both vessels have served as symbols of resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity.

What did the us soldiers use to fight the civil war?

they used a m1grand this is a old gun they also used a freedom rifle

What did Martin Luther king fight for in the US?

Martin Luther fought for freedom, civil rights and fought against racism, discrimination and prejudice.

What are the major symbols used in David Copperfield?

Some major symbols in "David Copperfield" include the kite, which represents freedom and escapism, the storm, symbolizing turmoil and upheaval in characters' lives, and the sea, which signifies change and the unknowable future. These symbols help enhance the themes and character development throughout the novel.

What is a freedom fighter?

While the obvious answer is "they fight for freedom," this is actually a complicated question. Depending on what side you are on, a person might consider you a freedom fighter, or if they oppose you, they might consider you a traitor or a terrorist. "Freedom fighter" is thus a very controversial term. In some countries, those who fight to defeat an unjust or cruel government are considered freedom fighters; historically, many popular uprisings that led to reform in a country were spearheaded by "freedom fighters." But the term has also been used in a very different way: Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda thought of themselves as freedom fighters, since they wanted to defeat western governments they regarded as enemies of traditional Islam. This is not to say that Osama Bin Laden was a freedom fighter: most people, including many Muslims, would say he was a terrorist, because his methods killed many innocent people. But the point is that the term "freedom fighter" is very subjective, depending on who is using it. Ideally, it refers to those who fight against an unjust regime. But it has also been used by extremists who distort its original meaning.

What are Zeus' symbols used for?

Zeus's symbols were used for something to be used for

What is symbols used for?

Chemical symbols are used to represent elements.