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Liverpool and London are approximately 212 miles apart. During the summer the carriage journey would take 10 days. During the winter the journey would take 12 days.

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Q: How long would it take to travel by carriage from Liverpool to London?
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What railway station in London would take me to stowmarket?

You would need to go to Liverpool Street station to travel to Stowmarket.

Can you fit a car on a carriage on the London eye?

Yes, it would be possible, but would certainly not be allowed.

How long would it take to get to Yorkshire from London by horse carriage?

Knowing how long it would take to traveling to Yorkshire from London on a horse carriage really canÕt be answered. It all depends on how fast the horse goes or how fast the carriage can go. The average pace a horse and carriage can is six to ten miles an hour.

How do people travel around England?

People would travel on horses or in a horse and carriage. Otherwise they would walk, suggesting that they were not wealthy.

How would you travel from Manchester to Liverpool in 1812?

obviously by WALK

How do you travel to Ireland with a car from London?

You would drive to one of the ferry ports in Wales or England and get a ferry to Ireland. You can go from Fishguard to Rosslare, Holyhead to Dún Laoghaire or Liverpool to Dublin.

How many hours would it take to get to London to Liverpool?

About 4 hours driving.

Which cities are in England?

There are many cities in England, here are a few, London, Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield, Bristol, Newcastle, Liverpool, Southampton, Stoke on Trent, Oxford, Norwich, Leicester, Chester, Leeds, York, Nottingham, Canterbury, Brighton.

How long would it take to travel 250 kilometers by carriage?

It all depends on how fast you are going.

How much would it cost to go to London from Liverpool?

50 pounds, if you're lucky.

Road from Ireland to London?

Ireland is an island, as is Britain, where London is. To travel between the two, you could fly, but if you want to bring a car you would take a ferry across the Irish Sea to one of the main ferry ports in Britain like Stranraer, Liverpool, Holyhead of Fishguard and drive to London then.

In which direction would you go from London to Berlin?

You would typically travel east from London to Berlin.