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twice as many ANZACS died on the western front then Gallipoli, about 27 hours into the first battle against Germany they had already lost more soldiers than the entire time spent at Gallipoli.

by the end of the war roughly 61,928 ANZACS had died.

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Golipali was a major battle of World War 1, there was not a Golipali was as such. The allies, Australia Brittan, New Zealand suffered approximately 8000 casualties. The Turks Suffered up to 80000 dead.

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Q: How many anzacs died on the western front?
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Why did the anzacs land in the wrong place?

When the ANZACS landed at Gallipoli they were ambushed by Turkish troops as they were off the coast of Turkey. The landing occurred in the wrongji place - one mile too far north due to strong tides which were not taken into account. This meant the terrain was not at all favorable and steep exposed hillsides had to be climbed. The Turkish soldiers were already encamped in this area and simply shot many ANZACs down as they came ashore. No more ground was ever gained than what was occupied by the ANZAC troops on the first day.

Why was World War 1 more deadlier than ww2?

WW1 used trench warfare. Causing a dead zone. where if anyone popped out of their trench they would most likely died. It cause many stalemate conflicts. Also, planes, tanks, and gas (even gatling gun) were new styles of fighting brought out by this war. So no tatics were thought of during this time. Laslty, during this time there were many treaties of allies going on, causing many countries to join the war when it was only two tiny countries that were actually angry. Look up ww1 western front and eastern front to learn of trench warfare for this was primary cause of the many deaths.

How many people died in Auswitch?

The exact number of how many people died at Auschwitz is not known as many prisoners were never recorded. It is estimated that about 3 million people died at this camp.

How many crusades were established by christians in western Europe to defeat the byzantine empire?


How was the conflict of world war 1 resolved?

After over four years of Trench Warfare on the Western Front, and the effective blockade of Germany by the Royal Navy, Germany, on the verge of starvation and political collapse, out of the resources necessary to sustain its troops at the front, signed an Armistice with the Allies to take effect on November 11, 1918 at 11:00 A.M. Since that many countries celebrate Armistice Day. The US commemorates it as Veterans Day.

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Did the anzacs fight on the western front?

Australians and New Zealanders participated in many battles on the Western Front, from 1916 onwards. Some of the battles Australians were involved in included Fromelle, Passchendaele, Villiers-Brettoneux, Third Ypres, and the Siegfriend Line.

How many anzacs died on the first day of the gallipoli campaign?

300 anzacs died on the first day of the gallipoli campaign

How many anzacs died?

over 10,000 men died at gallipoli

How many Anzacs died at world war 1?


How many ANZAC'S dies in World War 1?

over 45,000 anzacs died in ww1 in total around 170,000 enemy of the anzacs died as well.

How many Anzacs died at the end of World War 1?

Over 700,000 people died and 2,721 New Zealanders died and 4,725 were wounded.

How many ANZACs died in world war 2?

75 people died in WWII (LEGO Form)

How many people died on the western front?

Approximatly one million soldiers died in the trenches in world war one

What happened to the soldiers in Anzac?

The Dead were mostly buried by the Turks behind the beachheads and we of course, buried our own when we could access their bodies. Those graves are still there in the Dardanelles/Gallipoli Turkish Military area. The surviving Anzacs were withdrawn and sent to Egypt from where they were redeployed onto the Western fronts. Many ex-Anzacs died on the Somme/Villiers/Brettoneaux battle sites.

How many Anzacs died at The Nek?

There were 372 Anzac casualties out of the 600 fighting at the Battle of the Nek. This battle was part of the World War I campaign in Gallipoli.

How many australians survived gallipoli?

how many anzacs survied gallipoli

Apart from being shot what did many anzacs die of?

a disease