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Q: How many number of states are covered by northern plains of India?
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What states are the northern plains?

The states in the northern plains of India are Punjab,Haryana,Delhi,Uttar Pradesh,Bihar,Jharkhand,West Bengal and Assam.

Where in the continental United States is heavy fog most prevelent. high desert northern west coast northern great plains or southern great plains?

northern west coast, think Washington or Oregon where it rains a lot

I have a Progect on areas of the Great Plains what are the areas of the Great Plains?

The northern and southern Great Plains are a broad expanse of flat land, much of it covered in prairie, steppe and grassland, which lies west of the Mississippi River and east of the Rocky Mountains in the United States and Canada. They cover an area of about 501,900 sq miles (1.3 million km²).

Which region is nearly covered in deserts?

Northern Africa, or the southwestern United States.

Where does the plains states lie within?

The plains are located in several states.

How are the great plains the same to the central plains?

Central planes are planes that intersect

Why did northern states win the civil war?

The northern states, or the union, won the civil war because the southern states, or confederate, surrendered after a great number of soldiers were lost.

The plains stretch arcoss the middle of the united states?

The plains that stretch across the middle of the United States are referred to as the Great Plains.

How many states are in the Great Plains region?

There are ten states in the Great Plains Region of the US.

What Southern states felt that representation should be based on the number of?

Northern states felt that representation in Congress should be based on the number of free people. Southern states believed that representation should be based on total population, which included slaves.

What areas of the us do tornadoes happen?

Tornadoes can and do occur in all 50 states. Oklahoma and surrounding states of the southern plains typically have the highest frequency of tornado events, where the northern plains/midwest come in second and the southeast U.S. comes in 3rd. Next would be the Northeast and then the west coast.

Which southeast states have plains?

Most of them but they are not related to the Great Plains.