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Q: How many people died in the harrying of the north?
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How did William punish the people in the harrying on the north?

William punished people so badly because he was so angry with all the rebellions happening against him. He killed many people and destroyed their crops so no one could make a living. Many people starved and no one was happy.

What are facts about harrying of the north?

The Harrying of the North was a series of campaigns waged by William the Conqueror. In the winter of 1069-1070, the English Nobles had revolted and William was ruthless in putting down the revolt in the North. Thousands were killed and William ordered towns, villages, crops, and livestock to be slaughtered. Of the survivors, many suffered extreme hardship in the following years and there was much starvation. Many people resorted to eating horses, cats, and dogs in order to survive.

How many people died in North Korea in the Korean war?

1,187,682-1,545,822 people died in the North Korean province

How many people died in north tower?

about 1,434 people died in tower 1

How many people died on the USS North Carolina?


What happend in the harrying of the north?

When the Norman caused Harrying of the North, king William ordered his soldiers to do this so they would be scared and afraid to rebel against his army. His soldiers destroyed so many crops that it left 10,000 civilians starving, this went on for 3 years.Punitive raids by the Normans on the North of England, which did not want to submit to Norman rule.

How many people died in the ice storm 1998 in North America?

25 people maybe.

Who many people died though the north amirican blizzard of 1996?


How many people died climbing the eiger north face?

Around 64 people have died attempting to climb the Eiger North Face, which is known for its extreme difficulty and challenging conditions.

How many Vietnamese people died?

1.1 million North Vietnemese people were killed during the Vietnam war

How many people died in the battle for hamburger hill?

s soldiers died and many wounded and an estimated that 700 north vietnamese soldiers where killed

How many Chinese and North Korean people died in the Korean War?

An estimate of 10 million.