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Q: How many people were on the discovery expedition?
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What is the name of Lewis and Clark expedition?

the Lewis and clark expedition

What is the name given to Lewis and Clark's expedition and how did they get it?

the Corps of Discovery Expedition

What did Lewis and Clark call their expedition?

corps of discovery 1804-1806

What was the name of Lewis and clark's expdition?

The name of the lewis and clark expedition is corps of discovery Expedition

What is a Long journey of exploration and discovery called?

an expedition

When was the discovery of the Madeira islands?

In 1418 by a Portuguese expedition.

What expedition explored the Louisana purchase?

The Corps of Discovery

What were the dates of the first expedition Robert Falcon Scott commanded?

The dates for the Discovery Expedition are 1901 to 1903.

How many people were in Hillarys expedition?

about 400 people

What was the name of the keel boat on the Lewis and Clark expedition?


What is the official name of Lewis and Clark expedition?

The Corps of Discovery.

How much did it cost Captain Scott to travel to the South Pole?

The 1901 Discovery Expedition, Scott's first Antarctic expedition, is estimated to have cost £90,000 (2009 equivalent about £7.25 million). The 1910 Terra Nova Expedition is estimated to have cost £40,000 (£3 million at 2009 values), and notably funds were raised more as a private venture than were those for the Discovery Expedition, and lacked the significant institutional support granted to the Discovery Expedition.