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In 1870, shortly after the end of the Red River Rebellion, a census was taken which showed that the population breakdown of the Red River Settlement was: 5,757 French-speaking Metis, 4,083 English-speaking Halfbreeds, 1,565 European caucasians (overwhelmingly English-speaking), and 558 Indians, for a total population of 11,963. The territory (Rupert's Land) which included Red River was still a British possession. Canada had become an independent nation a few years earlier when, in 1867, the British government passed the British North America Act. Canada wanted to acquire Rupert's Land from Britain, and Britain had agreed to this in principle. Negotiations were still underway, however, as to the finer details of the transfer, when the Red River Rebellion began in the fall of 1869. Even those who were part of the rebellion (overwhelmingly Metis) claimed to be loyal to the Crown. The main issues in the so-called rebellion were the rights of the Metis (and, to a lesser extent, the Halfbreeds), and the terms upon which Rupert's Land, and specifically the Red River Settlement, would become part of Canada. There were very few Europeans who were supporters of the rebellion, no more than a handful and certainly less than one percent of the population. Although some were long-standing members of the Red River community who sympathized with the Metis, most of the Europeans supporting the rebellion were Fenians. (So, your next homework assignment is to tell us, "Who were the Fenians and why did they support the Red River Rebellion?")

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Q: How much percent of the Red River Rebellion were Europeans?
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