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How serious is illegal gun possesion charge for a 17 y/o in nj with no prior history?

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Q: How serious is a gun possession charge for a 17 yo in NJ with no prior history?
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Will a prior felony of tens years be a factor on a new felony charge?

Probably not. With the exception of crimes such as possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, a prior charge or conviction is irrelevant to the new charge. If convicted of the new charge, the prior offense could impact sentencing.

What if your boyfriend got arrested for criminal possession of a weapon the the third degree and he has two prior felonies how much time will he get?

With a record like that, if he is convicted of the gun possession charge, there is an excellent likliehood that he will be imprisoned for a LONG time.

What is the mamximum amount of time a parole violator can receive who has no prior drug charges for a new possession charge?

what are the charges for a mistiminor on a person that has two year parole

What is the minimum sentence for a felon in possession of a firearm in the state of Oregon?

You should refer to the Oregon sentencing grid. All prior criminal history ins looked and as well as the current crime.Added: You COULD be charged under federal law (US Code, Title 18), which calls for a maximum of up to 15 years in federal prison.

How many years can you get for a felon in possession of astolen firearm charge?

Depends on prior record of convictions, and whether charged under state or Federal law. It is against he law for a convicted felon to possess ANY gun, whether stolen or not- and is a serious crime that carries several years in prison, This needs discussion with a lawyer in THAT state, and not WikiAnswers.

Does an affray charge go on your record?

Unless it occurred prior to your 18th birthday, it will appear on your adult criminal history record. Juvenile redcords are sealed.

What time frame is one looking at for being a felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition in federal guidelines with one prior state conviction for agg robbery seventeen yrs before said charge?

5 yr minimum

How long does a assault battery charge stay on your record in Michigan?

Unless the offense occurred prior to your 18th birthday your criminal history is a permanent lifetime record.

Does prior charges in Florida count as a prior charge in North Carolina?


Is there a statute of limitation on a misdemeanor drug possession thirteen years ago in Omaha Ne for a job application health field?

I believe you are asking if a check of your criminal history record will show this charge. Yes, it will. Unless the offense occurred prior to your 18th birthday, any adult offenses will be a permanent part of your criminal history record. If you wish to check your own record, just go to your local law enforcement agency and request a copy of your own criminal history record to determine exactly what it shows. If you wish to attempt to have this charge removed, check your state laws for the expungement of criminal history records. You may qualify.

What is my daughter looking at time wise for charges of child endangerment she has a prior record if convicted what is she looking at?

Not enough information is given to attempt an answer. What state? What was the disposition of the first charge? How serious was the latest incident?

How long can somebody go to jail for DUI illegal firearms and firearm discharge?

Depends on the law, the charges, and prior history of the person. However, this is serious, and you need a lawyer, not WikiAnswers.