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Knowing the past helps us understand what we're capable of. If we just discovered an ancient Mayan artifact that was more advanced than we are now then we would love to know how on Earth they figured out how to do that. The past helps us prevent things from happening in the future. Take The Civil War. Because we know what caused that horrible war we could prevent another like it in the future. Also, the past helps us understand how things work. If someone has already discovered a vaccine for cancer, then we would want to know the process of how they created it so we could do it, too. Do you understand now?

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It helps us to recognise cycles that tend to repeat at intervals through the centuries.

A classic case: the link between the English Civil War and the American Civil War.

The two sides (Puritan v. Cavalier) were clearly the same in both wars, and some of them were descended from the same families.

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History is not made up of single events, but every event is connected to the other. Everything that happens is connected to events, people, places before it and by understanding history we understand ourselves and can learn not to repeat mistakes that have been made by mankind and nations.

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Q: How the study of history help us change?
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