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The great beauty about the Aztec culture is that they had great cities and great painting and they had good markets and alot of items to sell at the market.

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Q: How was the Aztec culture one of both great beauty and great cruelty?
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How was the Aztec culture great cruelty?

they had something like a spear and took out peoples heart

How was the aztec great cruelty?

it was cruelty because the hurt people

Why was war an important part of Aztec life?

The Aztec culture spread over great areas.

What to write in an introduction for an Aztec project?

Write about how the culture of the Aztec people is still alive today. The Aztecs brought great ideas about water and gardening. Their temples are still a great tourist attraction.

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Were all the Aztecs subjects of Aztec Culture?

They combined all of the subjects culture's in to one pretty much! Adding everthing they agreed on to make a really great culture towards the end of their length of time they had a stable belief as to what their culture was about!! (-_-) soccerbabe!!

What is a sentence using the word cruelty?

The slave masters showed great great cruelty towards their slaves if they tried to escape from their owners.

Why does Alexander the Great appreciation Greek culture?

He was Greek himself and thus raised and educated in that tradition. Even more so he had Aristotle as a tutor who reinforced beauty and love for his culture.

Magnificent Aztec city?

Tenochtitlan was a great city in Aztec times!

Why is the Aztec great temple so important?

It is important because that's where they go to hear what they have to do to save the great city of Aztec.

Who were the great Aztec princess?


What is the hi?

The hi is an ancient word, refering to the Aztec ages upon 'The Great Hi', the Aztec god.