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it was a setback because not only did it show the real of the country that the patriots were ready for a real war it also gave them some more time to muster up more troops under the leadership of general burgoyne. It alo gave french the opportunity to join them

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Q: In what way was the battle of Saratoga a British setback?
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How did he die Louis-Joseph de Montcalm?

he got shot in the side during the seven years war between the British and French ... he died in The Battle of The Plains of Abraham when the British made their way up the Anse-aux-foulons a goat path that leads up to Quebec. The French were shocked by this and Montcalm, the commander of the French army decided to not wait for his aid-de-camp , Bougainvile and his 1,200 men that were in Beauport but to attack immeadietly with the men he had, which happened to be both militia and regular soldiers. Half of these people were not used to the British way of fighting (running,diving,camoflauging) so they made a disorganized charge at the British. The British waited until they were close and then fired. This battle was so horrendus from the French side that it was over in less than an hour. During this proccess, Montcalm, was shot in the side and would soon die, after dawn. General James Wolfe, the commander of the British, who was previously very ill had also died in this battle due to minor wounds

What was the one way the colonial governments differ from the british government?

Colonists' rights were defined by formal documents. British rights were defined by laws and tradition.

How did British industrial technology make its way to the United States?

Francis Lowell was a very wealthy British man who went to Britain and looked at many companies like that to make his own in America, called the Boston Manufacturing Company.

What did the Indian national congress want?

They wanted reforms from the British. They were tired of British rule and British control of Indian money.At its start, the Indian National Congress wanted socialistic types of economic development. The trends have changed as now the Indian National Congress adopts economically liberal policies on the way it presents its economic agenda.

What was the great debate?

The great debate was the debate between Canada and the British colony to change the flag. There was one thing that was in their way, and that was the British wanting to stay as one flag. A debate was held for 6 months until John.A.Mcdonald decided to pass the flag, of the maple leaf. GO CANADA GO!!!!

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This was a Battle which marked the turning point in the American Revolution?

The battle of Saratoga was a turning point in the war. The British lost. Since the British lost, this gave the American soldiers and colonists hope for the future .The Americans could still win the war. The Americans won, by the way.

Why was Saratoga an important battle?

The Battle of Saratoga in the American Revolution marked the first time the American patriots were aided in any real way by the French, their newly found allies. Saratoga also marked one of the first and most significant victories for the American rebels. It was after Saratoga that the tide began to turn in the favor of the Americans.

What war did the battle of Saratoga occur?

The Battle of Saratoga (19 September and 7 October 1777 ) occurred during the Revolutionary War. An efficient and well-led American Army defeated the British forces led by Gen "Gentleman Johnny" Burgoyne twice, andhe surrendered instead of fighting his way out. It was the single biggest British defeat until Gen Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown in 1781.

Why is the Battle of Bennington important?

as u all kno, John Burgoyne was the general of British and he wanted to hit Albany. On the way, he got tired and he stopped in the Vermont and started to look for foods and horses. But they meet the green mountain boys ending up 1000 british captured. It was a major battle that influenced the result of the battle of Saratoga

. The Battle of Lexington took place as the British army was marching on its way to towns?

The Battle of Lexington took place as the British army was marching on its way to which of the following towns?

Why did feudal way of life suffer a setback?

it had germs

What was the turning point in the French and Indian war?

The death of Louis XVI after the Declaration of Pillnitz which threatened dire consequences for France if anything happened to him. For the French Revolution there was no way to turn back the clock.

In what way did the Americans win the Battle of Yorktown?

The British were outnumbered; 15,000 to 6,000 The British were outnumbered; 15,000 to 6,000

Why did the british attack the americans in the battlrvof bladensburg?

The British attacked the Americans in the battle of Bladensburg to clear their way to Washington

How many British troops surrendered at Saratoga in 1777?

British General Burgoyne's forces moved too slow and were soon at the mercy of the American army at Saratoga, New York. With no hope of victory or retreat, he surrendered his force 6,000 troops. As an aside, Burgoyne is said to have been surprised at the decent way his troops were treated by the victorious American rebels.

What was the reason of the battle of saratoga?

Word of the British defeat reached the French they decided the Colonial side of the war had a chance of winning the war so they began to support them. the french then supplied the Americans with amunition.

Why did the colonists win the Battle of Concord?

They lost the battle of lexington, but they won in a moral way, because that proved that they could take on the british. The battle of concord, they were lucky, or skilled.