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Well, we in England have always known it as the English Channel, while the French know it as La Manche (The Sleeve).

See the link below.

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Q: Is it the french channel or the English channel?
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What is the French name for the English channel in French?

The English channel is called 'la Manche' in French.

How do you spell English channel in French?

The english channel is called 'la Manche' in French.

What the channel separates Great Britain from Europe?

The English Channel. (Le Manche in French)

What is the name of the stretch of water between Franced and England?

The English Channel. The French call it La Manche (the sleeve)

What do the French call the English channel and what does it mean?

La Manche means "the sleeve" in French. It is called that because it looks similar to a sleeve, Wide in one side (between the cities of Brest, France and Plymouth, UK) and narrow at the opposite side ( between Calais, France and Dover, UK).

What is the large body of water between England and France?

The English Channel. The French call it Le Manche.

Why di the frane call the english channel la manche?

The French word "manche" translates to "sleeve" in English. The English Channel is referred to as "la Manche" in French because its shape resembles the sleeve of a garment.

What channel is between the United Kingdom and France?

The English Channel separates England and France. In French, it is called La Manche.

What is the french name for the channel between Calais and dover?

The English Channel is known as La Manche in French

How do you say the english channel in french?

La Manche

French name of the English channel?

la Manche

How do you say 'English channel' in French?

La Manche