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No they are not. Quebec refused to sign because the federal government didn't grant all their demands (recognition as a distinct society..,). Not so long ago, a Quebec provincial motion had been passed stating the 5 conditions needed to agree to sign, BUT the Constitution does apply in the province anyway.

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Q: Is quebec a part of the Canadian Constitution and if so when did they join?
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What unique things does Quebec have?

Canadian separatists Quebec didn't want to be part of Canada

Is the city of Quebec controlled by European nations?

First of all, Quebec is a Canadian province, and its capital city is Quebec City. In no way is Quebec part of Europe, it is part of the soverighn nation of Canada, like Sacramento is to California

What Canadian province is nearest to Vancouver Island?

Vancouver Island is part of the Canadian province of British Columbia.

What Canadian province forms part of the western border of Maine?

Quebec, Canada

What is the province of Quebec?

The province of Quebec is situated in the eastern part of Canada. It's the only Canadian province which has French as official language.

What year was the Canadian constitution made?

There are two answers for this depending on which constitution you mean.The first Constitution Act for Canada was in 1867; this was an act by the British Parliament that originally created the Dominion of Canada as part of the Commonwealth.The modern Canadian constitution derives from the Constitution Act of 1982, which was passed by Canada's parliament and was endorsed by all provinces with the notable exception of Quebec. It requested full political independence from Britain and created an amendment process that was separate from that of the mother country. It also endeavored to guarantee certain collective and individual rights that were part of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Does Quebec have reciprocity agreement with Virginia?

Quebec is part of Canada, Virginia part of the US. Neither can directly enact agreements with the other. The Canadian govt makes agreements with the US govt.

Which was part of the British North America Act?

The Canadian constitution was established.

What is Celine Dion's nationality?

Canadian, she speaks fluent French and has a French accent. __________________________________________________________ She's not Canadian AND French... She is simply Canadian. You can call her French-Canadian, a Quebecer, a Quebecoise or whatever you want that is not a nationality, she is doesn't have two nationalities. She is part of a cultural group called Quebecers, which are the French-speaking majority of Quebec, but the fact that she speaks French doesn't make her less Canadian for that matter. As long as Quebec will remain a Canadian province and that this country will be bilingual, speaking French won't give someone a different nationality. She was born in Repentigny, Quebec and her parents were born in Quebec too. She is Canadian, end of story.

What is the part of the constitution that legally protects the basic rights and freedoms of all canadian's?

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

When did the charter rights and freedom become part of your constitution?

The charter rights and freedom become part of your constitution in 1982. Prime Minister Trudeau signed off on the charter constitution with the queen there and without the approval of Quebec.

Where do people live in the Canadian?

labdor, Quebec, Ontario,Eastern and nothern part of saschwean, the northeast cormer of Alberta