Louis XIV brothers name

Updated: 8/19/2023
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- Louis Stanislas Xavier de France (the Count du Provence)

- Charles Philippe de France (the Count du Artois)

He actually had 2 more brothers, but they both died in childhood and even before Louis XVI was born.

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Philippe I, duc d'Orléans.

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Q: Louis XIV brothers name
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Louis XIV had no sisters.

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Louis XIII.

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What is the last name of the Louis XIV family?

Louis Dieudonné was the last name.

What is Louis XIV's full name?

Louis-Dieudonné de France.

What King is called the Sun King?

King Louis XIV.

What French monarch was best known as the Sun King?

Louis XIV of France was known as The Sun King. he was known as the Sun King because of the idea that as the planets revolve around the Sun, so too should France and the court revolve around him

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No, Louis XIV is not single.

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His succesor was Louis XV, his great-grandson.

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Queen Anne of Austria.