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By exposing abuses in business and government.

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Q: Muckrakers provided a service to the public in the early 20th century by?
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In the early 1900s how did the muckrakers provide a service to the American public?

They created a sense of emotion toward ethnic groups

What is the key service provided by public accountants?

The financial statement audit is a key service of public accountants.

When did Public Service merge with Southwestern Public Service Company?

In 1997 Public Service merged with the Texas-based Southwestern Public Service Company to form New Century Energies,

How did the muckrakers prepare the way for political reforms?

The muckrakers prepared the way for political reforms by exposing corruption and then writing about it for the public to read.

What were Journalists who kept public informed of wrongdoing called?


An organization that tries to influence public opinion is a?

muckrakers i think

What are public IP adressess and how can they be obtained?

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What is the single largest public service provided by local tax revenues?


What was the most effective way that muckrakers got out to the public?

Using the mass media

What role did muckrakers play in the progress?

exposed/revealed corruption in business and public life

What following sets of people were muckrakers at the end of the nineteenth century?

Some notable muckrakers at the end of the nineteenth century included journalists like Ida Tarbell, Lincoln Steffens, and Upton Sinclair. They exposed corruption and societal injustices through their investigative reporting, sparking public awareness and contributing to the Progressive Era reforms.

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