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So long as Australia sees itself a a part of the World community and gets involved in wars be they right or wrong. and expects to be treated in a reasonable fashion by the rest of the world, then Yes they Should. That is like asking " should Australians be compassionate people". there is nothing wrong with giving a helping hand to your fellow man. The people that seek refuge in Australia end up as Australian as the rest of us.

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It is viewed as a obligation on a prosperous nation to allow some asylum seekers in and help them start a better life. Australia lets in about 14,000 refugees a year.

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because Australia does not need more people to steal jobs from hardworking Australians. for all we know, they might be terrorists.

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Q: Should refugees be allowed in Australia?
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Should Australia accept more refugees?

no, i don't think so

Why should refugees be welcomed in Australia?

Because they are a lot less fortunate then us

How much do refugees pay to get smuggled to Australia?

refugees pay about 200000to get smuggeld to australia

Where do Australia's refugees come from?

Australia's refugees mainly come from countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

What happens when refugees cant get into Australia?

They are returned to their country of origin. Australia does not accept refugees who arrive unwelcomed in Australia.

What are the issue around the population debate in Australia?

Issues surrounding the population debate in Australia are:Does Australia continue to be a dumping ground for illegal boat people, and where should these people be processed - on Australian territory or offshore?Should Australia restrict legitimate immigration, and if so, should restrictions be assessed according to skills and what immigrants can bring to Australia?How many legitimate refugees should Australia accept, and how should the criteria for acceptance of refugees be determined?

Should gay people be allowed in Australia?

All law-abiding people should be allowed in Australia, gay or straight.

Are there refugees in Australia?


Where do most of Australia's refugees come from?

most refugees come from Vietnam and Asia

Why should Australia accept refugees?

because it's humanity and they are people like us they're no different!

How many Greek refugees are in Australia?

In 2007 there was a survey and it showed that there were about 57,267 Greek refugees in Australia but that number has probably doubled or even tripled.

Are refugees allowed in Australia?

This seems like such a simple question... yet requires quite a complex response. Australia is a signatory to the UNHCR Refugee Convention making them responsible to assist refugees seeking asylum. As a matter of security and border protection this is required to be achieved through controlled entry into Australia. The problem arises when asylum seekers use boats in an attempt to reach Australian shores. This is not controlled and could pose possible threats to the community. Before being allowed into Australia it is a requirement that they be in possession of a visa allowing them to enter the country. There is no doubt that Australia needs to take asylum seekers in, but not through their unprecedented arrivals. So to answer your question, yes refugees are allowed in Australia so long as they have a visa. If they have no such document they will be held in detention indefinitely until they are granted a visa.