The Gun Powder Plot

Updated: 8/19/2023
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The play's title is "Equivocation" written by Bill Cain. Currently in production (World Premere) at the Ashland Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Equivocation is the recipient of The Edgerton Foundation 2008 New American Plays Award.

The play tells the story of William Shagspeare (Bill Cain's favorite spelling of the name) struggle to write a play about the Gun Powder Plot for King James. In conversations with various individuals "involved" in the plot, Shagspeare comes to realize that what the government wants is a play that will be a Propaganda play to justify the persecution of the Roman Catholic Church, its Priests and its members.

Shagspeare's solution is to use Father Henry Garnet's practice of Equivocation to tell the story and keep from offending the King and Sir Robert Cecil, a ruthless member of the King's Council.

Shagspeare writes Macbeth, which pleases the King and keeps Sir Robert Cecil from destroying William Shagspeare.

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The gun powder plot was a plot made by Guy Fawkes and other strong catholics who wanted rid of King James.(i think that was the name of the king) anyway, they managed to roll barrels of gunpowder underneath the houses of parliament and were caught because someone had tipped the king off. But the King also had an advisor who was like his spy. This spy was given the letter 9 days before the plot and also there is other evidence that he knew about the plot and deliberatly didnt do anything. On top of that the records for 1605 have mysteriously dissapeared and have never been found

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The gunpowder plot is where somone made a plot with gunpowder

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Q: The Gun Powder Plot
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The Gun Powder Plot.

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Name from parliament named concence

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Guy Fawkes ... The Gun Powder Plot To Blow Up The Queens Thing

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