The achievements of Nancy Walton

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Nancy Walton achieved many things. Being the youngest commercial female pilot in Australia, she also achieved that. As she started off small-time, and had big dreams, not many people took her seriously. Instead of backing-off after this minor set-back, she still kept on improving and learning more about flying. After a while, people started to take her seriously. She also started some charity work. She saved lives of people using her Gipsy Moth airplane to take people to hospitals from Darwin.

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Q: The achievements of Nancy Walton
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When was Nancy Walton Laurie born?

Nancy Walton Laurie was born in 1952.

What was Nancy-Bird Walton famous for?

Nancy-Bird Walton was the founder of the Australian Women Pilots' Association.

When Nancy Walton die?

Nancy Bird-Walton died earlier this year of old age. She died at the age of 94.

What was Nancy Lee Walton's maiden name and where was she born?

Nancy Lee Walton's maiden name was Nancy Lee Lawrence. She was born in Sumner County, Kansas in April of 1898 and was the mother of the late Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart.

How did Nancy Walton die?

old age

What is a quote about Nancy Bird Walton?

My Life, Aviation

What year did Nancy Bird-Walton die?

Nancy Bird Walton died on the 13th of January 2009 at the age of 93 yrs,2 months and 28 days.

What are the major achievements of Sam Walton?

He built wal~mart of course!

When was Nancy Bird Walton born?

she was born on the 16th of october 1915!

How old was nancy bird Walton when she died?

93 yrs,2 months and 28 days.

Is Nancy Bird Walton still alive?

YES i am pretty sure she is she is aquaintances with my grandma and i am pretty sure she still alive.

Who was the trainer of Nancy Bird Walton?

She went to a flying school run by Sir Charles Kingsford Smith, the first man to cross the Pacific and the Australian Mainland.