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1st class -Priest

2nd class-Rulers

3rd class-merchants

4th class-servents

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Q: The four social classes that emerged in the aryan society were the?
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What were the 4 social classes that emerged in early Aryan society?


What were the social classes that emerged early in early Aryan society?


What are the 4 social classes the emerged in early aryan society?

1st class- priests(gurus)2nd class- rulers(rajas)3rd class- merchants4th class- servants

Describe the caste system in South Asia and discuss how it framers India society?

Aryan society was traditionally divided into three different groups or classes. The Aryans called their different classes varnasvarnas:The Aryan word for its social class groups.. By 1000 BC, as the Aryans migrated into the Indian subcontinent, a fourth, subordinate group emerged for those native peoples who were captured and enslaved.

What do the Vedas tell us about classes in the aryan society?

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How many sociaql classes existed in indo-Aryan society?


How many social class existed in indo-aryan society?


How did the caste originate in Aryan society?

The origins of the caste system in Aryan society can be traced back to ancient Vedic texts, such as the Rigveda. The Aryan society gradually stratified into four main varnas or social classes based on occupation and hereditary divisions. Over time, this system became more rigid and hierarchical, leading to the development of a complex, birth-based caste system that determined a person's social status and occupation.

The religion that emerged from the polytheism of early Aryan traditions was?


How did vaisyas grow change or develope in aryan society?

how the Visayans started Aryan society

What were the social groups of the aryan people who entered India?

When the Aryans first entered India, they were divided in three social classes, the warriors, the priests and the common people.

How was aryan society divided?

It was organized by forms of religions, such as Hinduism, with its beliefs and later the religion and all the beliefs formed Hinduism. There were social castes such as peasants, middle class, and upper class.