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Tsar Nicholas II married Alix,( later had her name changed to Alexandra. ) who was the granddaughter of Queen Victoria.

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Q: Tsar Nicholas II was married to the granddaughter of what Queen?
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What connects George V Nicholas II and Wilhelm II?

Two of King George V's first cousins were Tsar Nicholas of Russia and Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany. Kaiser Wilhelm was the grandson of Queen Victoria, so was King George. Tsar Nicholas was the grandson of King Christian IX of Denmark, so was King George. So, the Kaiser and the Tsar were related to King George, but the Tsar was not as closely related to the Kaiser.

Does Queen Victoria have anything to do with Russia?

In a way yes. Many of her children and grandchildren were married to Russian Royals 1. Her son Alfred married Marie, the daughter of Tsar Alexander II 2. Her granddaughter Elizabeth married Alexanders brother Serge 3. Her granddaughter Alexandra (the sister of Elizabeth) married Alexander's grandson Nicholas who became Nicholas II 4. Her granddaughter Victoria Melita (the daughter of Alfred and Marie) married her first cousin Kyril

Was Tsar Nicholas II Queen Victoria's son?


How was Britain's 19-century Queen Victoria related to czar nicholas ii of Russia?

Queen Victoria's son, King Edward VII, married Alexandra, daughter of the King of Denmark. Alexandra's sister Maria married Tsar Alexander III and Nicholas was their child.Also, Queen Victoria's grandaughter Alix married Nicholas.

Who was Czar's of Russia wife?

This depends on Which tsar you mean, if you are talking about the last tsar of Russia, Tsar Nicholas II then he married Alexandra Fedorovna on the 8 April 1894.

What is Tsar Nicholas's birthday?

Tsar Nicholas was born May 6, 1868.

What is Tsar Nicholas I of Russia's birthday?

Tsar Nicholas I of Russia was born on July 6, 1796.

How tall is Tsar Nicholas II?

About 5'6" tall.

Who was Tsar Nicholas 1?

nicholas tsar was in volved in the 1800's with the Russians and czar nicholas was able to slove the problem that he had cause d

Who was leader of Russia before Tsar Nicholas II?

Tsar Alexander III, Nicholas's father, was the leader of Russia before Nicholas II.

Who was Maria Romanov?

Maria was the third daughter of Tsar Nikolai and Tsarina Alexandra of Russia. She was the older sister of Anastasia. Also a great-granddaughter to Queen Victoria.

Who was the Russian tsar in 1905?

Tsar Nicholas Romanov II