two adjectives of northwest passage

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Use the following words to describe the Northwest Passage: Cathay, Eastern Ocean, river passage, Europe, North America.

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This answer is:
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you didn't answer the question you just put something random to get points smh

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Q: Two adjectives of northwest passage
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What is the root words for Northwest Passage?

The root words for Northwest Passage are "northwest" and "passage". "Northwest" refers to the direction in the compass, while "passage" generally means a route or way through something.

What is an example sentence with the Northwest Passage?

Of the two routes to get to the Pacific, the Northwest Passage was the most accurate and new.

What did Martin Frobisher explore?

Two find the Northwest Passage

What was the sea route called that explorers used to get through north America?

The Northwest Passage Apex;;;

What were explores searching for during their explorations of the north American coast?

A Northwest Passage to Asia

What part of speech is northwest passage?

northwest is adjective and passage is noun

Who searched for the northwest passage?

Henry Hudson searched for the Northwest Passage.

When was Northwest Passage - album - created?

Northwest Passage - album - was created in 1981.

Who was the European to sail the northwest passage?

No one because the Northwest Passage does not exist.

Sentence on Northwest Passage?

De La Salle thought there was a northwest passage but there was not

Why is the northwest passage still an important discovery?

why is the northwest passage have been an important discovery

What is the duration of Northwest Passage film?

The duration of Northwest Passage - film - is 2.08 hours.