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British North AmericaYes, it was called British North America. This was to designate where we now call Canada. It was called British North America because the British had control over hear and it was to the North of America (It still is). The AcadiansIf you are wondering about the Acadians they lived in where we now call Atlantic Canada but they call Acadia. The Acadians were French Immigrants/Settlers.
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Q: Was Canada originally called british north America?
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What was Canada called before the civil war?

British North America

What were some reasons Canada East joined British North America?

Because there where few settlements in the area, and after the revolutionary war the Americans did not want Canada so it joined British North america (I dont think its called British North America)

What act brought about the creation of Canada?

In 1867, the British North America Act made Canada a self-governing dominion.

What was Quebec originally named?

it was originally called "Lower Canada" with Ontario called "Upper Canada" It was also called new France for a short period of time.

What was Canada called under british rule?

Even under British rule, Canada was called Canada. Even before it was united from coast to coast, there were two colonies called Upper and Lower Canada.

Which part of Canada does Vancouver belong to?

It is in British Columbia, Canada. British Columbia in the South Western corner of Canada and sits directly above Washington State in the U.S.Vancouver is in Canadawest coast, Province is called British Columbia. North of America's Washington State.

What was Canada's first constitution called?

It is refered to as The Constitution Act of 1867 or the British North America Act of 1867. Either is acceptable.

Who wrote the Canadian constitution?

The Canadian Constitution was written by many members of the Canadian Parliament. It was called the British North America Act of 1967.

Why do only the USA and Canada play lacrosse?

Lacrosse was originally a native american sport that the settlers of North America picked up and it morphed into the modern day sport. It was originally played by the Iroquois tribe and was called lacrosse by a French man who first called it the sticking French which is lacrosse.

What was South America originally called?


What was America called before the Revolutionary war?

there was a descent called Indians, they are the native Americans. they were lived in tents and eating animals. America was a big land contains forests,hills,valeys,rivers,and wild animals.

What island was originally called Vinland of the Vikings?

Newfoundland, Canada.