Was Louise Arner Boyd married

Updated: 4/28/2022
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She was married to Larry Boyd and had 2 children named Liam and Lenny boyd, they both died of lukemia. They both were very wealthy and Liam had a child but lost it 2 weeks after it was born of failure of breathing.

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Q: Was Louise Arner Boyd married
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What kind of personality did Louise Arner Boyd have?

Louise Arner Boyd had a private personality. For what have been known to the public he enjoyed living a somewhat private life.

What were Louise A Boyd's parents names?

Her fathers name was Franklin Boyd and mothers was Louise Cook Arner

Why was Louise Arner Boyd important?

BECAUSE she discovered the artic

What did Louise Arner Boyd discover?

an underwater mountain range

When did Louise Arner Boyd die?

Boyd died in San Francisco on September 14, 1972.

Louise Arner Boyd set out to find what missing explorer in 1928?

Roald Amundson

What Challenges Did Louise Boyd Face?

Louise Boyd, an American explorer and scientist, faced various challenges throughout her career. One challenge she encountered was the limited acceptance of women in scientific and exploratory fields during her time. Additionally, she faced logistical challenges during her Arctic expeditions, such as harsh weather conditions and remote locations. Finally, Boyd also had to grapple with limited financial resources and funding for her expeditions.

What is the genealogy of the Arner family?

A C Arner born about 1901 in Alabama Married to Lula Arner born about 1910 lived in Union Springs, Bullock, Alabama in 1930 Prince Arner born about 1877 in Alabama Married to Ella born about 1883 Lived in Thomasville, Clarke, Alabama in 1930 with their kids Ambrs Arner 22 Peter Arner 19 Jake Arner 17 William Arner 14 Freddie Arner 12 Lillie Arner 10 Clara Arner 6

What has the author Louise A Boyd written?

Louise A. Boyd has written: 'The fiord region of East Greenland'

When was Louise Boyd Dale born?

Louise Boyd Dale was born on 1913-03-30.

When did Louise Boyd Dale die?

Louise Boyd Dale died on 1967-12-15.

How did louise arner Boyd die?

She was two days short off her birthday and she was turning 85. It is likely that she died of old age.