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The early personal reign of Louis was highly successful in both internal and foreign affairs. Louis was a discriminating patron of the great literary and artistic figures of France's classical age, including: Jean Baptiste Moliere, Charles Le Brun, Louis Le Vau, Jules Mansart, and Jean Baptiste Lully. He established or developed in rapid succession academies for painting and sculpture, inscriptions, science, French artists at Rome, followed by the Paris Observatory and the academies of architecture and music. The literary Academie Francaise also came under formal royal control during this time.

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Louis XIV was an excellent master of deception, he used a deceitful power strategies, like always saying less then necessary, which made his close allies and opponents insecure. Louis XIV, was a man of few words, he let his visitors blather at length, while he sat there and said minimal words, no one understood what Louis XIV was thinking, or what his preferences on things were, which made his visitors blather about things that he would later use against them to a great extent. When you always then necessary it makes people around you insecure, it can potentially put them in a state of terror, humans are creatures of explanation and interpretation, humans fear the unknown. Louis XIV understood quite well, humans fear the unknown, He used this as his ultimate power over civilians. Louis XIV would say one word or two, while the person sitting next to him would carry on and on at length.

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Q: What are good qualities of Louis XIV?
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