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The Interior Plains of Canada are important because they contain both mineral and forest resources which provide raw materials for industry and rich soils for farming. The southern and eastern region contains fertile soils and sufficient rainfall to support wheat farming. The region is called the Bread Basket of Canada. The northern region contains forested lands, with the trees exploited for lumber, pulp, and paper.

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The interior plains of Canada covers a giant swath of the country, encompassing most of the province of Saskatchewan and almost all of Alberta, including large portions of Manitoba and the Northwest Territories. The southern part of the interior plains make up what is known as the prairies, where most of the country's food is grown.

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Q: What are the interior plains of Canada?
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The Interior Plains are known as Canada's?

The Prairies are considered Canada's breadbasket, and are the Canadian section of a much larger North American region called the Interior Plains. The Prairies consist of three provinces: Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Which landforms cover most of central Canada and central US?

The Great Plains Hills and mountains also Interior Plains

Where are the interior plains located on a map?

Northwestern Canada

What jobs are in the interior plains Canada?

verry hot and humid

What is the climate in the interior plains region of Canada?

it -50.c

What do the Great Plains of the US and the Interior Plains of Canada have in common?

The Interior Plains is a vast region of North America that stretches from Canada's western arctic region all the way down to the border of Mexico. The Great Plains is a term used mainly in the US, referring to a large section of the Interior Plains, west of the Mississippi. The term includes Canadian territory, but is rarely used in Canada. In Canada it is more common to refer to the entire Interior Plains as one unit, or to use the term prairie. Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are commonly called the Prairie Provinces.

The Interior Plains of Canada are important because they?

include Great Lakes.

What are the National Parks and protected areas of the interior plains of Canada?


What part of Canada does convectional precipitation mainly occur?

interior plains

How far does the interior plains of Canada stretch?

From the Foothills in Alberta into Manitoba.

What is the region that is covered with prairie grassland in the south of Canada?

The Interior Plains

Why are Parts of the southern portion of Canada's interior plains are often called Canada's bread-basket?

most of the grains were grown in the prairies (the interior plains) such as wheat. Since most of them came from this area it was considered "Canada's breadbasket"