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spices, Asian, religion, Asian culture.

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Initially, the search for food led human beings to explore. As societies became more sophisticated, expeditions were still launched in search of food, but also trade markets and routes, territories to colonize, and sources of income.

By the 15th century, Spain and Portugal were exploring for four basic reasons:

- to establish valuable trade routes

- to find gold and treasure

- to establish colonies for their country

- to convert native peoples to Christianity

(often these purposes were at odds with each other - by the 1500s there was also a slave trade)

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What factors led the Europeans to begin to begin their voyages of exploration?

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A direct path to Asia for spices and trading goods, to become powerful and rich,

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Q: What are three causes of European exploration?
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What were the three G's that motivated European exploration?


What were the causes and effects of early European exploration?

They wanted gold and to be rich and famous.

Three causes of European expansion?

Three causes of European expansion are; economic causes, internal political stresses, international tensions.

What were the causes of European exploration?

to find a new settlement to start a new colony. George

What were the causes of exploration?

The three G's God, Gold and Glory

Causes of European exploration?

Overall, the old saying of "God, Gold, or Glory" directly applies to this question about overseas exploration festival in Europe.

What are the three ways European culture has spread around the world?

Imperialism, exploration, colonization

What three technological advances furthered European exploration?

The Astorlabe, the carvel and the printing press

What were the three reasons for exploration?

The three main reasons for exploration were to find new trade routes to Asia, to spread Christianity to new lands, and to acquire wealth and resources for European countries.

What 3 European countries that were involved in the age of exploration?

Spain, Portugal, and England were three European countries heavily involved in the Age of Exploration. They each sponsored expeditions to venture into uncharted territories, establish colonies, and search for new trade routes to Asia. These expeditions had a significant impact on shaping global trade, culture, and politics.

What does gold mean in the European exploration?

European exploration towards gold means more land or, more power.

What was the three European nations to voyages of exploration?

There were a lot of European nations that explored starting in the late 15th century. The main three that had a direct effect on the United States were Spain, France, and England (Great Britain).