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Art and music,

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Art and Music

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Q: What are two art forms share a parallel history?
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Development of art a survey of history of art forms?

Unfortunately there is not room here to fully answer this question. Follow the link below to see a timeline of the development of art, often referred to as a survey of the history of art forms. A full year of art history was required at University to earn a BFA.

What is one characteristic that all art forms share?

Creativity? Originality? Imajunation? That's all i can think of..

What is the value in studying history?

The value in studying art could be for preparation and inspiration for modern forms of art like photos, and movie films.

The most important qualities which film and music share as art forms are?

clearly defined rhythm, tempo, and fluid continuity

Is the art institute of Dallas a good college.?

The art institute of Dallas is a good college. It teaches about all of the basic forms of art and it also teaches about some art history. I would recommend going there.

What has the author Robert James Saunders written?

Robert James Saunders has written: 'The parallel development of art education in Canada and the United States' -- subject(s): Study and teaching, Art, History

What are different forms of Aboriginal art?

There are 3 basic forms of aboriginal art: personal art, social art and sacred/ritual art.

What is national art in history?

Art history is exactly what it sounds like: the history of art. Although, since the meaning "art" is a gray area, it would be safe to say that art history encompasses the history of visual culture....

What is the difference between heart clip art and orther art forms?

The difference between heart clip art and other art forms is that clip art is usually 2-D and cartoon-like, while other art forms may attempt realism. You can learn more about art and the various forms at the Wikipedia.

Should you study art history or fine art?

Art history if you are good at history and Fine art if you can draw. Most people enjoy fine art more.

What is the art history of Luzon Philippines?

art history of luzon

What does art music and popular music have in common?

While music is an art, many people are ignorant to the fact that music has three broad genre's that are: Art, Folk, and Popular. Art music and popular music share similarities such as; both can contain strophic forms. Popular music is a mix between folk and art music.