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financial difficulties of the French government

.expenditure on war, Austria session war, Spanish session war,7 year war over Canada with Britain and the war of American independence.Which lead to bankruptcy.


.Tax farmers

.Extravagant expenditure of the ruler of France{Bourbon}


.By Louis XIV



,Concerned for social equality in France in spite of success and wealth

.feared that the money"s they had loan to the gov"t will be lost

.wanted a say in the government



.land tax{Tallie}

.20% of their income{vingtieme}

.salt tax{gabelle}

.tithe to the church

. labor tax{cervee}

.poll tax











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The French Revolution of 1848 was one of the most important developments that led to a wave of revolutions in Europe. The February revolution in France ended the Orleans Monarchy and led to the beginning of French Second Republic. Louis napoleon was elected the president of Second republic with peasant support.

At the death of Louis XVIII, his brother Charles X ascended the throne. Charles X was an unpopular monarch who ha s high aspirations than his predecessors. In 1830 he issued the Four Ordinances of St Cloud which abolished freedom of press and dissolved the lower house which led to immediate reaction from the public leading to a revolt against the monarchy. As a result, Charles X flee from Paris to England and was forced to abdicate the throne. Louis Philippe succeeded to the throne thereby replacing the charter of 1830.

Under Louis, privileged groups were favored. Though France had free press, only the landholders were permitted to vote. Louis was seen from a different angle as a monarch who was not caring the needs of the society, especially the middle class. In 1848 some Orleanist liberals had turned against Louis for his way of Parliamentarism.

Alexis de Tocqueville had observed, "We are sleeping together in a volcano . . . A wind of revolution blows, the storm is on the horizon." . This caused the revolution of 1848 to erupt.

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The February Revolution in Russia in 1917 began as a spontaneous demonstration by some women in St. Petersburg against the chronic shortages of food Russia had to endure. This demonstration gathered other supporters until there were thousands of people in the city and then other cities as well. Soon soldiers joined the demonstrations protesting against the Russia's participation in World War 1. The soldiers saw no hope of winning it and simply wanted to go back to their homes to take care of their lands. Soon factory workers also joined the demonstrations too. The Russians wanted three things, peace, bread and land and that became the slogan the Vladimir Lenin and the Bolsheviks later used to stir up the revolution in October of 1917.

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A massive National debt and a broken tax code.

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Which revolution are you asking about?

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Q: What caused the February revolution?
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Which leader caused the Russian Revolution?

The answer to this question could be Tsar Nicholas II or it could be Vladimir Lenin. The February Revolution was caused by Tsar Nicholas's inept running of the government and the millitary. On the other hand the October Revolution was caused by Vladimir Lenin when he orchestrated the takeover of the Provisional Government in the October Revolution.

Invention of machines caused this revolution?

Industrial Revolution

When is EDSA revolution celebrated?

The EDSA Revolution is celebrated in February. The revolution took place between February 22 and the 25, 1986 in Metro Manila, Philippines.

What date did the February Revolution begin on?

February 23-27,1917

How were the causes of the enlightenment similar to the casues of the industrial revolution?

Both movements were caused in part by the scientific revolution.

How did the February Revolution get this name?

The February Revolution occurred on February 22, 1917, according to the Julian calendar that Russia was using at the time. The Julian calendar was about 13 days behind the Gregorian Calendar which most of the rest of the world used. For the western world, the revolution occurred on March 8, 1817; however in Russia, it occurred on February 22, 1917, hence the name February Revolution. The following year, Russia changed over to the Gregorian calendar, but the February Revolution never lost that name even though the anniversary of the revolution was honored on March 8.

Who caused the Haiti Revolution?


What developments helped lead up to the revolotion?

The 1917 revolution was primarily caused by World War 1, which was devastating to the Russian people. The February revolution did not result in an end to the war, so the October revolution brought the Bolsheviks into power and a peace treaty was made with Germany in March 1918.

How were the effects of the scientific revolution different from the effects of the industrial revolution?

The scientific revolution caused religious controversies, while the Industrial Revolution led to worker exploitation

What expansion was caused by the Industrial Revolution?

the westward expansion was the cause to the industrial revolution.

When did Russian Revolution Startr?

February 1917

Who was involved in the February revolution?

The Provisional Government.